Conviva Consumer Survey Reports

We combine our Global Intelligence with individual survey results to give you the clearest picture of the Internet video streaming landscape and consumer behavior available anywhere.

OTT: Beyond Entertainment Consumer Survey Report

Different genres have different sensitivities. While entertainment viewers demand smooth playback but are forgiving on picture quality, news and information viewers demand both a great picture and uninterrupted streaming. And spare a kind thought for Product Research providers, whose viewers are absolutely ruthless in their movements to acquire the best possible experience.

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Pay TV and OTT: Partners or Competitors - produced by DTVE

The lines between pay TV and OTT are becoming increasingly blurred. While pay TV operators and OTT content and app providers in many cases still see each other as competitors, the intensity of that competition depends on a number of factors.

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2015 UK Consumer Survey Report: Don't Break the Spell

Today’s viewer is looking for a TV-like experience, and will quickly abandon their show if the spell is broken, and they are forced to remember this is the Web.

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2015 Binge Watching: The New Currency of Video Economics

The most popular content in the OTT world is often binge-watched. Conviva’s Binge-Watching Report reveals how binge-watching impacts content creation and revenue.

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Consumer Survey Report 2015:
How Consumers Judge Their Viewing Experience

Stream interruptions, inadequate picture fidelity and other poor streaming experience issues prompt nearly three-quarters of all OTT video viewers to give up in the first four minutes of playback. Learn more – download your free copy of “How Consumers Judge their Viewing Experience: The Business Implications of Sub-Par OTT Service“

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Conviva data offers an unparalleled view into the trends and habits of streaming video viewers and more importantly, the direct correlation between quality and its impact on the business of online video providers with our annual Viewer Experience Report.

Viewer Experience Reports

Quality of experience impacts the profitability of every digital media business and affects every single viewer at some point in time.