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Conviva webinars offer insights into OTT topics such as viewer engagement, quality of experience metrics, industry trends, but more importantly, Conviva webinars go beyond the headlines to illustrate the “hows” and “whys” behind the metrics.

Conviva & ABI Research Webinar: Why Your OTT Business Needs Actionable Insights: Thursday, November 19th at 9:00am

Video service providers today are navigating a transition from siloed and well-defined video systems to services where they aggregate collections of content from a variety of content providers, providing authentication without directly ingesting content and managing video delivery. Managing such a video system requires different tools compared to managing classic Pay TV or even OTT services. Join Sam Rosen, Vice President Consumer at ABI Research, and Simon Jones, VP of Marketing at Conviva, at this webinar to learn more.

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Stream interruptions, inadequate picture fidelity and other poor streaming experience issues prompt nearly three-quarters of all OTT video viewers to give up in the first four minutes of playback.