Conviva Whitepapers

Conviva white papers offer unprecedented insights into viewer engagement and experience metrics, but more importantly, they go beyond measurements to illustrate the “hows” and “whys” behind the numbers.

Conviva Sky Case Study

Delivering Industry-Leading Viewer Experiences

Conviva and Sky partnered to develop an innovative way of delivering the highest OTT video quality possible for Sky viewers while minimizing CDN costs. Conviva’s quality of experience (QoE) analytics helped Sky discover a direct correlation between viewer engagement and buffering. Download the case study to learn more!


The Edge: Delivering the Quality of Experience of Digital Content

As video consumption evolves from single screen to multi-screen, the burden on the Internet and its infrastructure will grow exponentially. The underlying infrastructure – never truly designed for digital video delivery – requires new thinking to ensure excellence in viewer experience. Furthermore, a viewer’s Quality of Experience (QoE) with video is directly impacted by the interruptions in video delivery.


The Secret Life Of Streamers: Consumer OTT Viewing Behavior Research Study

A first-of-its-kind research study exploring important consumer behavior at the intersection of content, devices, location, and quality.

Conviva Multi-Screen QoE Analytics: Ensuring Video Quality Across the Video Publisher Delivery Ecosystem

Today’s OTT viewers have a multitude of devices to choose from, and, with new choices emerging daily, the ability to consistently deliver quality experiences to every screen will continue to be a challenge for publishers – and their ecosystem partners.

Conviva and Adobe Primetime: Bringing quality and deliverability for the betterment of OTT Television

In this white paper, we’ll look at the trends driving the shift in consumption toward OTT; the coverage and quality challenges media companies and OTT providers face with delivery; and the playback platform and QoE solutions currently available for solving them. Then we’ll introduce the Conviva and Adobe Primetime solutions and offer some recommendations and examples of how to combine them to maximize that most fundamental of TV business needs – growing and maintaining audience – by delivering the best quality and coverage across the widest range of devices and platforms.

Analytics in Video Services White Paper by ABI Research

Video service providers today are navigating a transition from siloed and well-defined video systems to services where they aggregate collections of content from a variety of content providers, providing authentication without directly ingesting content and managing video delivery. Managing such a video system requires different tools compared to managing classic Pay TV or even OTT services.

Delivering the Quality of Experience of Digital Content White Paper

As the quality of the delivery of OTT content becomes increasingly important, edge data centers have become a critical tool to solve this need. This white paper validates EdgeConneX's co-location services by quantifying the improvements to Quality of Experience metrics for content delivery partners.

Information Architecture Whitepaper

TV businesses have many options for counting. Nielsen calculates the number of TV viewers for a show; comScore counts the number of viewers of an asset; Omniture or Google Analytics count any number of events in a web page. It is therefore easy to acquire the ‘what’. The ‘why’ is far trickier to derive.

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Consumer Survey Reports

Stream interruptions, inadequate picture fidelity and other poor streaming experience issues prompt nearly three-quarters of all OTT video viewers to give up in the first four minutes of playback.