FIFA World Cup

During the FIFA World Cup™, Conviva helped power the live and on-demand online video experience for several content providers around the globe including Astro (Malaysia), CBC (Canada), CNTV (China), TV 2 (Norway) and Univision Interactive Media (U.S.). In the past, the online video experience for an event of this magnitude was met with rebuffering and choppy video, causing fans to click away prematurely. To make sure the same fate didn’t befall the viewers of this year’s World Cup, Conviva’s patented technology was used to watch every viewer in real time, predict when an interruption was about to occur and take proactive steps to prevent an unacceptable user experience from happening.

The World Cup marked the first time an online event secured a broadcast TV-level audience. Over the course of all 64 soccer matches, Conviva managed more than 200 million streams and reached more than 30 million unique viewers worldwide. In addition, Conviva handled over three billion viewer minutes and, on the thirteenth day of the event, maintained nearly 1.5 million peak concurrent viewers simultaneously.

In addition, Conviva helped AEG Digital Media stream the FIFA World Cup
Kick-Off Celebration Concert. Conviva worked with AEG Digital Media to build an audience-instrumented online video player that ensured the best possible fan viewing experience through the use of pre-emptive quality management technology.

We have a reputation to maintain with our consumers, so we couldn’t risk the occurrence of poor online video while streaming the FIFA World Cup. With Conviva, our entire online audience was able to enjoy the best possible viewing experience during the matches without fail.”

~ Paul Dale, CTO Astro

It was important to understand the experience our online audience had during the World Cup at any given point in time. By using Conviva, we were able to gain real-time, granular visibility into the entire video delivery ecosystem from encoders to streaming sources and could quickly identify and remediate issues as they happened.”

~ Rob Fullerton, Product Manager, Audio, Visual and CMS