Conviva's Industry Data Portal

Unprecedented access to quality and engagement metrics by quarter, region, content type and device.

Conviva’s Industry Data portal provides unparalleled access to quality and engagement data for streaming video, which was only previously available to a small cadre of insiders. And unlike traditional audience measurement estimates provided by Nielsen or comScore, Conviva’s portal provides quality and experience metrics, such as video startup times by region, the average bitrate by device, and the rebuffing ratio by content type.


“[The Industry Data portal] information can be used to assess performance of Internet delivered video for benchmarking purposes, for geographic expansion, or for evaluation of the success of an OTT offering. Conviva has made it simple for analysts and others to download the data so that business analysts might draw high-level insights into the performance of streaming videos.” 

– Dan Rayburn, EVP, Principal Analyst, Frost & Sullivan

Industry Data Portal

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