Viewers watch 140% longer during LIVE events when they don't experience buffering.

Conviva for Live Events

Streaming a live event to the world means putting your brand, audience, sponsors and business partners on the line.

When you go live with an event, you need insurance and control to guarantee your viewers see every second of the action. Conviva’s live event solution puts you in the control room with instant visibility to see and manage your event as it unfolds. So your viewers catch every big moment, and your business grows even stronger.


You can never really anticipate how big your audience will be or when it will reach its peak. Conviva manages your delivery so that you never have to worry about outages or flash crowds.

Continuous, smooth streaming

Nothing ruins the viewing experience as fast as buffering, choppy video right in the middle of a big play or exciting moment. Conviva uses preemptive technology to stop these interruptions before they reach the viewers.

Designated support team

Our team will be on-site during your event to detect and help fix emergency issues. We will also monitor continuously to find ways to improve your contents performance.

Pre-event consulting and setup

Conviva’s team of video delivery experts believe good streaming of a live event starts long before the kickoff or stage lights come one. Our experts will help you setup your delivery chain, unique to your streaming needs and with the viewer experience as top priority.


Viewer Experience Optimization

Conviva Precision adjusts each viewer’s stream delivery to ensure they get the highest definition possible, while also taking action to ensure scalability to prevent outages caused by flash crowds.

Viewer Intelligence

Audience Insights gives you the most in-depth look into every viewer watching your content all in real time so you know the most granular detail including, who is watching, where, on what device, their ISP, etc.

Video Quality Intelligence

Quality Insights lets you see, in real time, how your content is performing. It allows you to see if your content stops, stutters or never plays and even shows how this impacts viewer engagement.