Today’s OTT consumers are more sophisticated, more demanding, and more impatient than ever before. They expect an excellent viewing experience every time…

Conviva for Media and Entertainment

Every great content brand is expanding the ways in which it reaches audiences online and on connected platforms. With so many options for growth (partners, platforms, technologies and even business models) both brands and viewers are selective and increasingly intolerant of anything but the best experience.

Conviva’s real time technology ensures that viewers watch longer because their streaming experience is clean, without buffering and at the highest picture quality possible. When viewing is good, people watch two to three times more and that’s good for business. Finally, great experience is synonymous with improved economics.

Longer, more frequent viewing

Using preemptive stream optimization technology, Conviva improves the viewer experience to keep viewers watching longer.

Real time content promotion and referrals

With our up to the second viewer intelligence, you can better understand which video assets are making you the money and adjust your site accordingly.

Increased advertising revenue

Conviva improves video start-up time, increases the average view length and raises the number of plays per viewer, translating to more ads played and more money for you.

Ad performance reporting

Conviva’s real time business intelligence allows you to better target ads and report performance to your ad agencies and vendors.


Viewer Experience Optimization

Conviva Precision adjusts each viewers stream delivery to ensure they get the highest definition possible, with zero buffering, so they watch longer and return more often.

Viewer Intelligence

Audience Insights gives you the most in-depth look into every viewer watching your content all in real time so you know the most granular detail including, who is watching, where, on what device, their ISP, etc.

Video Quality Intelligence

Quality Insights lets you see, in real time, how your content is performing. It allows you to see if your content stops, stutters or never plays and even shows how this impacts viewer engagement.

Advertising Performance Intelligence

Conviva Insights gives you the most advanced reports with real time analytics specifically on the performance of your ads. Now you can see if ads match the quality of your content and how particular ads impact engagement.