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The decision to incorporate digital media into your business model is a big one and building the right delivery system architecture can be overwhelming. There are hundreds of decisions you need to make in order to meet growing viewer demands and expectations. Your end-to-end delivery architecture must accommodate a wide array of audience capabilities.

Conviva has spent years building our team of experts and has one of the most experienced, knowledgeable teams in the online video industry. Our expert services bring this expertise and leadership to your own team and will help you develop your media plan, with the end viewer experience and your brand profitability as our first priority.


Not sure what you need or how to implement it? Our tools are powerful yet intuitive—and we’re always here to help you get the most out of our them. Let us help you get rolling.

How we can help:

High Quality Encoding Profiles
Conviva can provide detailed encoding profiles to give you the best delivery protocols for all the different ISPs, devices and content types your audience is using. We optimize the encoding process to minimize processing and storage costs for your business.

Multi-CDN Video Delivery
When taking your content to audiences all over the world, you need to use multiple CDNs to account for the inherent variability of the Internet and ensure a high quality viewing experience. Conviva can guide you through the process of establishing a multi-CDN strategy.

End-to-end Video Delivery Architecture
Building or re-building your delivery architecture to improve performance and the end user experience requires careful consideration of your business goals and a strong understanding of streaming Internet video. Conviva can enhance your current architecture team and create a blueprint for your next generation of online video delivery.