Conviva's Video AI Platform

Conviva's Video AI Platform uses data + intelligence to put control back in the hands of publishers for increased engagement, built up brand affinity, and a more profitable online video business.

It's time to tame the web.

The Internet wasn’t built for video. And unlike the days of traditional broadcast, Internet TV relies on an open, shared general-purpose infrastructure. The foundation of the Conviva solution is the platform. The Conviva platform was built to process global big data to then provide actionable analytics for publishers within seconds, not minutes, hours, or days.

All of the experience and engagement data we collect is fed into the Conviva platform where the real-time big data processing takes place and machine learning is applied for predictive analytics – giving you a timely view of your subscribers viewing experience.

Business decisions powered by artifical intelligence

Conviva's data and intelligence places quality of experience (QoE) control into the hands of publishers. Through continual data collection and analysis at massive scale, Conviva is able to visualize what is taking place across the Internet. With over 50 billion streams monitored annually, publishers can see every single viewer's quality of experience (QoE), benchmark it against consumer expectations and industry standards, and then automate adjustments to improve quality. The result is increased engagement, greater brand affinity, and a more profitable online video business.