Content can only be king if the experience is excellent.

Conviva for Service Providers

When viewers pay to access your content, they expect the best quality possible. If your content buffers, stalls or doesn’t play right, they question whether to continue their subscription or find content somewhere else.

Conviva knows you work hard to get your subscribers and even harder to keep them. We can help ensure your content performs at the highest quality possible, without interruptions so your subscribers become lifetime viewers.

Subscriber retention

Discourage subscription cancellations by providing an interruption free viewing experience.

Brand affinity and customer loyalty

Make your existing subscribers your biggest advocates by delivering higher definition video with fewer interruptions.

Get to know your viewers

In addition to improving each viewer’s experience, Conviva providers real time and historical visibility so you can get wide array of detailed information about the people watching your content.

Business efficiency

Our individual viewer intelligence allows you to improve your call-center efficiency and set more profitable policies.


Viewer Experience Optimization

Conviva Precision protects your brand and secures your audience by ensuring every viewer receives HD content, without buffering—to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Viewer Intelligence

Audience Insights gives you the most in-depth look into every viewer watching your content all in real time so you know the most granular detail including, who is watching, where, on what device, their ISP, etc.

Video Quality Intelligence

Quality Insights lets you see, in real time, how your content is performing. It allows you to see if your content stops, stutters or never plays and even shows how this impacts viewer engagement.

Individual Subscriber Intelligence

Subscriber Insights solves one of the biggest challenges of subscription-based video, validating the viewer experience. It allows customer service agents to access a real time.