Viewer Experience Report

Recording detailed, real-time information on each and every viewer’s experience during every viewing session, Conviva data offers an unparalleled view into the trends and habits of streaming video viewers and more importantly, the direct correlation between quality and its impact on the business of online video providers.

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2015 Viewer Experience Report

Quality of experience impacts the profitability of every digital media business and affects every single viewer at some point in time. Even as audiences swell and potential subscription revenue balloons, the challenges to building a sustainable OTT service are piling up. Consumers no longer simply expect a service to work, they demand that it provide a high-end experience. Delivering a top-notch experience to each and every viewer has never been more complex — nor more fundamental — to acquiring and retaining an audience.

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2014 Viewer Experience Report

Watching video entertainment on a variety of connected devices has become a way of life. Consumers are increasingly expecting the TV-quality experience they’re accustomed to receiving from traditional video service providers.

The business of television is changing, bringing with it a complex new ecosystem. Content publishers and service providers who don’t adapt will not fair well.

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2013 Viewer Experience Report

The 2013 Viewer Experience Report reveals that the winner in the battle for viewership will provide great
content, accompanied by a great viewer experience. Content providers that deliver buffer-free, fast
starting experiences with a high resolution will see substantial lift in engagement and profitability.

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