2014 VXR Infographic: Quality is more important than ever in the Internet TV era

June 3, 2014

We’re excited to share our first infographic of 2014.  Based on our recently published Viewer Experience Report, this infographic highlights just a few of the many data points and conclusions we’ve found from analyzing over 45 billion streams in 2013.

The overall conclusion is that the business of television is changing, ushering in new challenges for online video providers to consider. As multiscreen viewing quickly becomes the norm, more and more viewers are expecting a high-quality viewing experience across all devices. Online video providers who don’t keep up with the shift to Internet TV risk jeopardizing their viewers.

Even with a slight improvement in buffering year over year, more than 2 in 5 views still have grossly inferior video quality. Here at Conviva, we are using our big data processing and intelligent control platform to optimize video delivery and improve the quality of experience. Our data shows that only a fraction of brands are in the Optimal Experience Zone, where 90% of views are uninterrupted and the bitrate is above 2000 kbps. It’s also worth citing that the brands in the Optimal Experience Zone diagram are also the brands with the most engaged audiences.

As shown in our presentation from the recent Content Delivery Summit, viewers simply watch more when quality is high and buffering is low. However content providers must fight the challenges of managing their video businesses with the perpetual variability and the associated issues of the shared, open Internet. For example, we see that on the same ISP, CDN performance varies greatly minute by minute over the course of a day. Gaining control over this variability is the key to a successful Internet TV business.

After checking out our new infographic for the highlights of the 2014 online viewing experience, we invite you to download the full 2014 Viewer Experience Report for a complete review of the data.

If you’d like to learn more about how Conviva is paving the way for the future of Internet TV by giving content publishers and service providers control over quality, drop us a line atdiana@conviva.com.

We hope you enjoy our data and would love to hear your feedback—leave us a comment below!


Diana Paschal
Digital Marketing Team