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Save $200K annually in break-fix costs

A global streamer saves $200K annually previosuly spent manually monitoring traffic by using Conviva.

Business Problem

A viewer in England might be binging some late night television, while a viewer in Japan is just turning on their morning news. Regardless of time, or region, your team needs to monitor every single viewer session 24/7 to ensure quality of experience is high for every viewer across the globe. For global streaming operations, the ability to measure and react to QoE changes in real-time is critical to keep viewers from turning to your competition.

Conviva’s Solution

Conviva delivers real-time monitoring of performance across all viewers, with AI-powered alerting and multi-dimensional drill down analysis to diagnose and solve viewer issues as they are happening.

For 15 years, Conviva has supported nearly
every major live event and every major streaming service launch.

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