Welcome to Conviva’s new blog – Streaming Ahead! As we dive head first into the new year, we’ve chosen today to launch this new communications channel for the online video industry because we have a major Conviva milestone we’re very proud to share.

In 2013 Conviva processed over 45 billion streams. That’s a lot of streams – over six times the number of people on the planet and more than four times the number of streams we saw just two years ago! But more important than the actual number is what those billions of streams allow us to do for our customers.

By having such a comprehensive view into so many streams across the globe, we are able to leverage the power of Conviva’s Intelligent Control Platform to analyze and act on what is happening in the internet video delivery ecosystem. And through this unmatched combination of data and algorithms, only Conviva can empower content owners and service providers to control the Quality of Experience (QoE) for their viewers.

You can read more about the success and tremendous growth of our data in today’s press release.

The billions of video streams that make up Conviva’s Global Intelligence are truly powerful when combined with our big data processing algorithms. Through ongoing postings on this blog, we will unlock that power and help you to understand how it can be used to deliver a TV-quality viewing experience over the internet, despite its unpredictability.

As we continue to stay out ahead of the trends in online video, we look forward to sharing many more views, insights, news, tips and accomplishments with you as this year unfolds. And we hope that Streaming Ahead will be a two way street – please comment and express your thoughts here. We also encourage you to share this information with your social networks to help enrich our community.


We have a lot in store, so come back soon and stay informed!

The Conviva Digital Marketing Team