Ad Insights: Ad Breaks Module

Optimize Ad Strategy and Engagement

Ad Breaks Module allows publishers to optimize each ad break’s placement, position, duration, and frequency to grow ad revenue.

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Conviva dashboard

Key Benefits

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Improve Ad Revenues

Continuously test and utilize real-time insights to eliminate the guesswork for ad break optimization and drive higher fill rates.

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Combat Ad Fatigue

Optimize the ads-to-video ratio using actual viewer intelligence to drive the highest possible engagement for your viewers.

Refine, Improve, and Repeat

Determining where and how many ads to place in a piece of video on demand content is a moving target that requires continual A/B testing and the analytical tools and technology to understand and act on the results.

  • 01 Refine
  • 02 Improve
  • 03 Repeat

Refine and Optimize Ad Strategy

Ad Breaks Module measures the engagement for both ads and content for each A/B test. The ongoing testing of ad placement, position, duration, and frequency and the correlation of the results with engagement data help publishers refine their strategy and adjust the mix of ads and content to meet changing conditions.

Refine and Optimize Ad Strategy

Improve Viewing Quality

Conviva’s Video AI Platform monitors both ads and content in each stream, using artificial intelligence to identify anomalies and correlate experience to engagement. The Experience Insights dashboard is used to visualize and analyze the data from the platform, giving publishers the tools to quickly and seamlessly optimize the stream for the best viewing experience possible.

Improve Viewing Quality

Optimize, Learn, Then Optimize Again…

The optimal point between video ad revenue and viewer engagement is an ever-moving target. Ad Insights and Experience Insights give publishers the analytical tools to continually test ad strategy, correlate engagement and experience with advertising revenue, and optimize accordingly to yield maximum results.