Advertising Results Driven by Streaming Video Analytics

Capture the entire ad viewing experience, so you can mitigate video ad delivery issues and improve viewing experiences to grow revenues.

Measure the Full Technical Quality

Know what’s happening with every ad, every second, every screen to reduce churn, avoid inventory waste and prevent under-delivery.

Identify Lost Impressions that Directly Impact Monetization

Unique visibility across 11 points of failure from ad request, ad delivery and decisioning, ad creative delivery and creative playback.

Understand Ad Engagement

Maximize revenues by aligning strategies for ad breaks, duration and placement to viewer characteristics and expectations.

Trusted by leading content providers
“Ad Insights is instrumental in monitoring our video ads and helps us detect ads that fail to play or are playing at low quality. With this visibility, we’ve been able to resolve issues quickly to provide the best possible viewing experiences.”
— Jarred Wilichinsky, VP of Video Monetization and Operations, CBS Interactive

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