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Optimal Ad Strategy and Experience for AVOD Publishers

What Conviva Can Do for AVOD Publishers

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Find The Sweet Spot Between Ads and Content

The combination of real viewer engagement data with granular and dynamic ad intelligence helps AVOD publishers quickly fine-tune their ad strategy to maximize engagement and revenue.

Viewer Engagement

Maximize Engagement by Managing QoE

Monitor and assess the impact ad and content viewing quality of experience (QoE) have on engagement, and use the built-in AI platform to detect and diagnose issues that impact a broadcast-like experience, increasing ad placement and revenue opportunities in the process.

Ad Fatigue Management

Conviva’s work with leading AVOD publishers has proven the importance of viewer engagement and experience on video advertising opportunities and revenue.

To maximize ad revenues, video on demand publishers need to create the perfect mix of video advertisements and content. It’s what Conviva calls ad fatigue measurement. The result of going too far in either direction is lost ad revenue, whether from reduced engagement or ad placement opportunities.

Compounding the calculus is the variability in viewing quality or QoE, which can change dramatically based on geography, platform, device and content type. Poor video stream quality is a drag on both ad and content engagement, and reduced views mean fewer ad pods and the revenues they generate.

Publisher Content and Ad Pods

Ad Strategy Planning

Advertising fatigue is a function of the video ad placement, position, duration and frequency. The optimal mix of ads and content (or sweet spot) is typically a moving target that depends on the content, who’s watching it and a variety of other factors. Identifying and constantly refining the sweet spot should be the goal of any advertising strategy.


Ad Operations Execution

Quality issues such as buffering or video start failures can instantly reduce viewing engagement and eliminate potential advertising revenue. Minimizing or eliminating interruptions and delays means more successful video plays – and ad impressions.

Increased Engagement and Revenue

Conviva helps AVOD publishers find the optimal mix of video ads and content while maximizing engagement by optimizing viewing quality, resulting in more advertising revenue.

Refine, Improve, and Repeat

Determining where and how many ads to place in a piece of video on demand content is a moving target that requires continual A/B testing and the analytical tools and technology to understand and act on the results.

  • 01 Refine
  • 02 Improve
  • 03 Repeat

Refine and Optimize Ad Strategy

Conviva’s Ad Insights measures the engagement for both ads and content for each A/B test. The ongoing testing of ad placement, position, duration, and frequency and the correlation of the results with engagement data help publishers refine their strategy and adjust the mix of ads and content to meet changing conditions.

Refine and Optimize Ad Strategy

Improve Viewing Quality

Conviva’s Video AI Platform monitors both ads and content in each stream, using artificial intelligence to identify anomalies and correlate experience to engagement. The Experience Insights dashboard is used to visualize and analyze the data from the platform, giving publishers the tools to quickly and seamlessly optimize the stream for the best viewing experience possible.

Improve Viewing Quality

Optimize, Learn, Then Optimize Again…

The optimal point between video ad revenue and viewer engagement is an ever-moving target. Ad Insights and Experience Insights give publishers the analytical tools to continually test ad strategy, correlate engagement and experience with advertising revenue, and optimize accordingly to yield maximum results.

Case Study
Publisher Case Study

Proving the Link Between Experience and Revenue

In this case study, Conviva was able to quantify the impact of buffering, bitrate, and video start failures on advertising revenues using actual viewer data from a major European AVOD publisher.

Improving Buffering and Bitrate to Double Viewing Time

The publisher measured and analyzed engagement across four groups and discovered that the cohort with the highest viewing quality had twice the engagement. After optimizing half the low-performing streams, the publisher was able to recover 21.2M in video viewing minutes and $212K in ad revenue.

Buffering stats
buffering improvement
21.2M more viewing minutes
0.5 ads/minute on average
10.6M more ads seen @$20 CPM
per month in ad revenue!

Reducing Video Start Failures to Increase Number of Ad Pods Served

The relationship between video start failures and potential ad revenue was also analyzed. The publisher was experiencing 3.2M video play failures each month. By reducing video start failures (VSF) by 50% per month, the publisher was able to recover $320K/month in ad revenue.

Video start failure stats
VSF improvement
1.6M more plays & 3.2M pods
5 ads/pod on average
16M more ads seen @$20 CPM
per month in ad revenue!

Data-Driven Ad Strategy

Conviva brings a data-driven solution that AVOD publishers can leverage for both planning and operations. Together, Conviva’s Experience Insights and Ad Insights optimize the following:

Ad Fatigue

Ad strategy by testing and maximizing the placement, duration and frequency of ad pods.

Viewer Experience

Viewer QoE for both video content and video ads with timely intelligence.

Ad Insights