Baseball is Back on the Field and in the Social Arena

By Mike Metzler

July 28, 2020

Baseball is back. MLB kicked off the 2020 season on Thursday, July 23rd with games all over the country. This welcome change of pace drove the MLB to new heights on social for the year. How high was their ascent? Check out these 4 social facts from opening weekend:


Opening Weekend 2020  mlb 2020 opening day social engagement fact

As teams took to social after a draught of content, social media engagement skyrocketed. As compared to opening weekend the previous year, MLB 2020 opening weekend resulted in a 47% increase in engagements per post for MLB teams.


Tampa Led the League in Engagement Rate

Tampa Bay Rays Report Highest Engagement Rate For MLB In 2020

Tampa Bay was the winner among MLB teams on social as they secured the highest cross-platform engagement rate of any team during opening weekend. Tampa Bay’s most engaged with post of the weekend boasted an insane 74% engagement rate on Twitter and showcased how the types of social content posted by sports entities and brands continue to shift in relation to the world we live in today.


Dodgers Hit a Home Run in Engagements Per Post

La Dodgers Reach 23K Engagements Per Social Media Post

The Dodgers averaged a league leading 23k engagements per post on social. This was five times league average for MLB teams which averaged 4.6k. The Dodgers most successful post of the weekend captured over 331k likes on Instagram.


Things are Looking Up

MLB 2020 Opening Weekend Sees 94% Jump In Video Engagements

Total video engagements for the MLB hit its lowest point of the year in June. Teams bounced back during opening weekend, with 94% more engagements per video on average than they did in the month of June. Not only video was up, average engagements per post was also up 74% and average views per video (Facebook and YouTube) saw a 63% boost compared to June averages.


All data found in this blog was sourced using the Conviva Social Insights Leaderboard. For more on the Social Insights Leaderboard request more information here.