What Brands Need to Know About Snapchat Links

Mike Metzler

July 12, 2017

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Snapchat released a new feature this past week that is sure to please brands and influencers alike. Now everyone on Snapchat now has the ability to add a link to any website from their Snaps which can be accessed when viewers swipe up on the respective snap.

This feature came as a surprise to many as Snapchat has been very careful in the past not to release any features that significantly helps influencers monetize the platform.  Snapchat has repeatedly been known to call their app a platform for friends, not influencers.  Although this update is sure to help friends share funny videos and websites with each other, it also has massive potential for influencer marketing campaigns.

If you want to use this new feature you can do so by clicking the new paperclip icon that appears after you take a picture of Video in Snapchat. Once you click the paper clip you can input a url and click Search. If the Snapchat browser finds the url valid the website will pop up and you will be prompted to “Attach to Snap”. If Snapchat finds the URL not valid it will pull up a google search with what you typed in. If you type in a phrase in to the URL search it will search for that phrase in Google. You can then search for the link you are looking for to select.

Screenshot On How To Add A Url To Snap

Once you’ve added your link to the Snap, the domain will appear at the bottom of the snap once it’s live making it clear that users can swipe up to view.

Snap Link Shows At The Bottom Of Snapchat Stories

Unlike Instagram links, which doesn’t allow you to link to anything Snapchat related such as,  Snapchat makes no restrictions on the Social networks you can link out to. You can link directly to IG Posts, YouTube Videos or Facebook profiles.  It is important to note that since the Snapchat app acts as its own browser, for your followers to engage with your content they will need to log in to their account through the In App Snapchat browser.

A Snapshot Of Instagram Does Not Allow You To Link To Snapchat.Com

Instagram does not allow you to link to

This is more important for something like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram where you need to log in to engage and less important for something like YouTube which counts a view wether the person is logged in or not.

Social networks aren’t the only thing worth linking to though. As a brand you might want to think about linking to new articles on your website, specific products or even your app. Yes, you can link directly to the app store. For anyone in the influencer marketing space this is huge. Here at Delmondo we recently ran an IG Stories campaign to encourage app downloads and with only two influencers we were able to send over 100k people to the app store in less than 24 hours using IG Links.

The Snapchat browser also supports HTML5 which opens up the possibility for nearly endless interactivity functions including games, longform video, interactive shopping experiences and more.  

With the addition of mobile browser technology, you can now measure the activity happening around these experiences if you’ve added the right tracking tools, or work with an analytics platform like Delmondo that can track the percentage of conversions from your number of unique viewers on stories, and more.

Overall, this is a massively important update for those in the influencer and marketing space and we look forward to seeing how brands and creators use this to create incredible experiences for their followers.

So how can you get started? We had a brainstorm internally and here are the 10 best ways to use Snapchat Links we came up with.

  1. Link to a YouTube Video directly
  2. Link to your App in the app store
  3. Link to specific products shown in Snaps
  4. Link to a mobile HTML5 game or interactive mobile experience
  5. Promote other social networks
  6. Push traffic to your website or blog
  7. Link to purchase tickets for an event
  8. Link out to the Spotify Song you’re listening to in the background of your Snap
  9. Are you running a contest on Snapchat? Use the Swipe up to link to contest rules (very useful).
  10. Rick Roll Everyone (shout out to Rob Hanlon from our client MKTG who got us good on this)


If your brand or media company is interested in having Delmondo produce and measure one of these custom games for your Snapchat or Instagram channel, send us a note