A leading sports broadcaster, offers simulcasts of a variety of sports content through cable providers on their award-winning app. As an early adopter of the TV Everywhere movement, this app delivers 24/7 live programming from any of their networks via computer, smartphone, tablet, smart TV and Xbox. Their app’s video is delivered in partnership with Conviva for one single goal: to ensure the best quality experience for their viewers.

“Our customers expect the same high-quality experience on their iPhone as they do on their flat screen TV. With Conviva, we are able to ensure that our fans can watch their favorite game on the go, anytime, anywhere and at the absolute best quality picture possible.”

~ Damon Phillips
Vice President, Major US Mobile Streaming Sports Broadcaster

This sports app clearly understands the critical importance of the digital transition. Their goal has always been to provide the same quality TV broadcast experience to their new generation of fans. As the leader in sports media, this major sports broadcaster wanted to ensure their app provided the most current, trending videos at the highest viewing quality. The app is viewed on iPhone, iPad, Xbox, Roku, Samsung Smart TV, Android, Flash, HTML5 and Silverlight. To ensure quality was optimal on all devices, they required a clear view into audience statistics across multiple devices. Critical to their success was the ability to make necessary adjustments in real time.

Initially, this major sports broadcaster deployed the Experience Insights portion of Conviva’s Video AI Platform to view real-time data for online content across multiple devices, geographies and affiliates. Experience Insights monitors each viewer’s experience and video delivery networks and captures issues before they happen, including video start failures and buffering. Thereafter, this app deployed the Precision portion of Conviva’s Video AI Platform for real-time adjustments to avoid these issues while increasing the bitrate. With real-time KPIs, Experience Insights shows audience reach and engagement metrics, such as which content is trending on what devices, and helps editorial, research and ad teams make intelligent decisions to improve engagement and economics.

Conviva’s Video AI Platform shows a comparison of performance across all platforms in Pulse, allowing this major sports broadcaster to make the best decisions for their audience in terms of editorial content, ads served and devices. This app has the lowest interruptions compared to other premium live sites. Post-Precision launch – engagement per viewer increased by 42 minutes within the first month, an 18% increase.