Case Study: National Broadcaster

Using Conviva's Experience Insights

October 1, 2021

Publisher Profile

  • A predominant national broadcaster with a network of dozens of channels accessible to more than a billion viewers.
  • Provides global, multi-language content in sports, entertainment, and news.
  • Offers both live and video-on-demand (VOD) streaming.



The publisher was looking to increase their reach and presence globally by expanding offerings for both live and VOD content. In order to do this, they needed to better understand their global streaming business, including content delivery and consumption, requiring visibility into a comprehensive set of metrics to improve their infrastructure. It was determined a key change was necessary to cut buffering ratio in half and improve quality in Africa and North America.



The publisher determined a multi-content delivery network (CDN) strategy was required to exploit the capacity of multiple CDNs in order to deliver ‘always on’ high quality.

Conviva was engaged to build out their multi-CDN strategy and video workflow. To improve overall quality, the publisher implemented Precision, Conviva’s preemptive optimization solution. Precision is the ideal solution to optimize both live and on-demand content, for viewers in more than 180 countries across multiple CDNs. Utilizing viewer-centric metrics to forecast real-time global and local internet patterns, Precision detects, diagnoses, and resolves any failure before it impacts the end viewer. Additionally, the publisher leveraged Conviva’s Experience Insights, which provides real-time actionable analytics and visibility into the individual viewer’s experience.

“The ability to provide quality content globally without the distraction of buffering and stuttering is essential for our brand. In addition, the ability to seamlessly add CDNs in different regions to our own streaming servers allows us to rapidly expand our reach while simultaneously maintaining the highest viewer experience and containing the cost overrun.”

CTO, National Broadcaster



With global intelligence, unified multi-CDN, and multi-bitrate control algorithms, Precision preemptively optimized quality for each individual viewer to deliver the best possible video experience to every viewer, in real time. The publisher measured that Precision increased video resolutions by up to 180% as measured by average bitrate, while simultaneously decreasing buffering events up to 150%. The publisher also had new visibility to precisely monitor their streaming business and quality in real time, enabling more intelligent decisions to improve engagement and economics.



180% improvement in picture quality

150% improvement in buffering events

100% increase in play time in South America, Europe, Australia, and Africa


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