Content Insights Completes Streaming Media 360° View Alongside Social, Ad and Quality of Experience

By Bill Demas, CEO

September 3, 2019

Our vision is to unleash delightful content experiences for each Internet-connected consumer. I am excited to share that today we’ve launched Conviva Content Insights to further deliver on this vision. And while Content remains king, Experience is queen. That’s why we’re also announcing the most significant upgrade to Conviva Experience Insights since its inception.

With these releases, Conviva now brings visibility and transparency with a 360° view across content, social media, quality of experience and advertising to transform how media executives make decisions. We pride ourselves on delivering the industry’s most accurate data that our customers can trust to run their business. And they do, with 250 brands and counting for more than 100 billion streams per year in 180 countries. We understand the business of streaming media as we process 1 trillion first-party data events per day.

Accurate, Timely Content Intelligence

Content Insights is built to enable smarter content decisions. Because streaming equates to viewers on the move, it’s not easy to accurately attribute consumption to households. We’ve solved for this with Content Insights’ Household Consumption Graph which maps streaming patterns across time, locations, content, apps, and devices. Dig in deep with behavioral segments and pathing or track content performance anywhere, anytime with the Content Insights mobile app.

Customers like Cartoon Network, CNN, DirectTV Latin America, PlayStation™Vue, and TruTV have already gained a competitive advantage with Content Insights which they hail as “exciting” and “groundbreaking.” Purchase, promotion and monetization of content, now informed by the most trusted and accurate data in the industry.

Reimagining Quality of Experience

Providers today must ensure every viewer’s streaming experience is excellent. But unlike the stability of cable hardwired to TV sets, the Internet was not built for video. Between the transmission of video from the server to ISP to CDN and on to the viewer’s location, application and device there are potentially 100 million problems that can impact the viewer’s experience. Ultimately, providers must understand and be able to address, second by second, each person’s experience. Without this foundation, publishers cannot serve compelling content to their audiences.

Our reimagined Experience Insights makes it much easier for the non-techie to better understand, visualize and perform individual queries on the literally hundreds of millions of combinations of metrics and get instantaneous feedback. Each enhancement to Experience Insights was purpose-built for our customers. The resounding feedback I’ve heard from industry leaders like DAZN, Hulu, Sling and many more speaks for itself:

  • Experience Insights now delivers with unparalleled responsiveness and multi-dimensional analysis.

“Slick. This would have made me irrelevant a few years ago.”

  • Still built for real-time, we’ve rearchitected with more extensive historical data accessibility and granularity.

“Brilliant, exactly what we’ve needed all along.”

  • The redesigned interface is easy to use and completely intuitive.

“This feels like when I unboxed the new iPhone.”

It has been my pleasure to hear the excitement from our customers as we expand our strategic partnerships with new products, enhanced capabilities, and data that can be used across the entirety of the media organization. This portfolio of end-to-end, integrated intelligence for streaming businesses could only come from Conviva.

Why Real-time Streaming Intelligence Matters

We are in the midst of moving from an age of web interaction and applications to the age of streaming. By the year 2022, it is predicted that 82% of all internet traffic will be video. And 2018 marked the passing of the torch as global subscriptions to online video services surpassed cable subscriptions, according to IHS Markit. Viewers are trading traditional TV for streaming and they expect it to work as well. But with streaming not quite there, every second truly matters. As an example, our research shows that for pre-roll ads the difference between an engaged viewer (making it past the 5% mark in the stream) or not is the difference between 0.40% and 1.59% ad buffering on average – this is literally less than a second that can make a world of difference. Organizations need real-time visibility informed by data on the totality of the streaming media experience: delivery, advertising, social media engagement and content decisions.

Nielsen’s household panels are antiquated in this era of Big Data, walled gardens like Netflix do not share trustworthy viewership numbers, measurement firms like ComScore do not have visibility to accurately measure audience size, advertisers do not know if their ads successfully run and publishers are operating in the dark on what content is watched by who, when, where and how. How can we as industry truly create delightful experiences for viewers in such a world of obfuscation?

Conviva’s goal is to bring transparency, standards and insights to this propel this fast-growing industry forward with our viewer-centric, data-driven intelligence in real-time. Team Conviva is thrilled about the innovations announced today and those we’ve delivered over the past year. I can’t wait to share more big things we have in store working in conjunction with the streaming industry.