Conviva Acquires Delmondo!

Nick Cicero

November 28, 2018

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Conviva Acquired Delmondo in November of 2018 and has become Conviva Social Insights.

Today I am excited to announce that Delmondo has been acquired by Conviva, and we will be relaunching the Delmondo analytics platform as Conviva Social Insights.

When we started Delmondo four years ago, we wanted to create a better analytics platform for the world’s best streaming media companies and publishers to measure and monetize what the world is watching. During that time we have been fortunate to be on the front lines of a major shift in the way that premium content is consumed.

Now, with the evolution of viewing audiences shifting across fragmented screens, the industry requires a new type of third-party measurement solution to include new places where both digital and social video are being consumed.

Conviva Social Insights will be a welcome addition to Conviva’s world-class video measurement and intelligence suite, providing our customers with content and audience intelligence across every major social media platform, including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch and Snapchat.

With Conviva Social Insights complementing Conviva’s Video AI Platform, streaming TV publishers can build a unified view of video consumption and audience data across streaming TV apps, the web, and social media. This 360 view will reveal the true drivers of the viewer journey and inform a publisher’s distribution strategy across social platforms.

When the Conviva team approached us about working together, we instantly saw huge potential in offering a complete video measurement capability with the established industry-leader.

What’s most exciting is that we’re joining the Conviva team to finish what we started — to give our customers a complete view of how their premium content is being consumed anywhere, from OTT to YouTube to their website and back.

I want to thank our team for their sleepless nights, our partners at the social platforms, our investors, Brave Media Ventures, and most importantly, our customers, who make us better each day.

We’re excited begin a new chapter as part of Conviva, so I encourage you to read the official press release here, and let me know if you’re interested in more information about Conviva Social Insights or the entire Conviva Video AI Suite.