Conviva Ad Insights Delivers Comprehensive and Real-time Measurement for All In-stream Video Ads

January 8, 2019

by Bill Demas, Conviva CEO

Video ads are a key revenue driver for streaming TV providers, but when ads fail to play or buffer, the potential negative impact to viewers is daunting. Conviva’s early data shows nearly 50% of streaming video ads may not reach the end user if publishers don’t monitor, capture, and address the many issues along the ad delivery chain.

Over 3 percent of video ads simply fail to play due to faulty creative. When ad playback is delayed, viewer content abandonment jumps by over 50%. Ad blockers also continue to plague video ads with blockers stopping up to 40% of traffic. Given the $12 billion global video ad market size, these issues represent a sizable threat to the bottom line for publishers. Reliable, comprehensive analysis of in-stream video ads is needed to understand which ads are failing and troubleshoot issues to maximize quality, engagement, and monetization.

We are pleased to announce Conviva Ad Insights, the industry’s only real-time, comprehensive, continuous analytics solution for all in-stream video ads. Conviva Ad Insights gives publishers a complete picture of quality of experience and ad delivery for pre, mid, and post-roll ad plays to pinpoint and resolve issues.

With Conviva Ad Insights, publishers can continuously monitor every second of every ad and receive real-time reporting on failures, bitrates, buffering, user abandonment, and more for client and server-side ad delivery. This granular data enables publishers to solve ad creative delivery and workflow problems, improve content monetization, maximize engagement, and grow revenue.

Success in the streaming business requires complete visibility and insight into every aspect of the streaming experience. Now, Conviva has you covered across the entire viewer experience, from streaming content performance to social promotion and now video ad delivery. We’re ready to be your one-stop-shop for comprehensive, real-time streaming TV analytics.