Conviva Hackathon Drives Innovation Forward

December 4, 2019

Sanjay, Senior Product Director at Conviva, is getting ready to add Conviva’s latest innovation to the app store. The Content Insights app, the first mobile app from Conviva, provides actionable intelligence to our streaming executives on the go, so they can stop guessing about the what, where, when, who, and how around their content consumption. It’s fitting that Conviva’s ninth annual Conviva Hackathon was also this past week, as development for the Content Insights mobile app began at the hackathon just last year.

The Conviva Hackathon frees employees to innovate without the constraints of process, business, or operations so that they can develop and test new ideas while getting valuable feedback. When teams come together across departments it encourages collaboration, allowing them to find unique and creative ways to solve problems that may be facing the organization.

Conviva’s hackathon is a three-day event which spans multiple teams around the world. The event encourages Team Conviva to flex their creative muscles while working on passion projects which they believe will improve workflows, core capabilities, or introduce future directions for products.

Hackathon Veteran Durgesh Worked With His Son To Analyze Conviva Sdks

This year, hackathon veteran Durgesh worked with his son to analyze whether or not Conviva SDKs could be used in virtual reality applications. When asked what he likes most about the annual hackathon, Durgesh said, “it is amazing to see everyone’s innovative ideas turn into quick demos in such a short period of time.” Durgesh’s son, a junior in high school who is learning to program as a part of his curriculum, was excited to get in on the company-wide competition and thanked Conviva both for the opportunity and the free lunches.

“We are always excited to see the great ideas that our highly talented teams develop during the hackathon,” said Bill Demas, CEO at Conviva. “The hackathon once again displayed the initiative, leadership, and teamwork of Convivians around the world. I am proud of the culture of innovation at Conviva.”

Shubo And Akara Of Conviva Won Conviva Hackathon

The winning project, by Shubo and Akara, aims to revolutionize the way Conviva delivers critical information affecting customer business in real time. They are calling it Stingy RealTime.

“Our customers want to see the metrics affecting their business in ‘real-time’ and the industry’s definition of ‘real-time’ had been very handwaving before Conviva,” said Akara when asked about his team’s winning submission. “Conviva’s platform has led the industry in delivering, at scale, metrics at 10s of seconds as opposed to days or hours before Conviva. The Stingy RealTime solution sets the new standard by enabling processed metrics to be visible to our customers within seconds while significantly improving the efficiency and scalability of the platform.”

The Conviva Hackathon would not have been a success without the participation of all 46 teams around the world who signed up and worked to bring their ideas to life. We can’t wait to see what you bring to the competition in 2020!