Conviva at Inter BEE 2017 in Japan: How AI & the data-rich video ecosystem will achieve broadcast-quality Internet delivery

See how artificial intelligence & the data-rich video ecosystem will achieve broadcast-quality with Internet video delivery

November 27, 2017

This year’s International Broadcast Equipment Exhibition (Inter BEE) just wound up in Chiba, Japan. It featured over a thousand exhibitors and 40,000 attendees with dozens of sessions on every conceivable topic from sports broadcasting to virtual reality and everything in between.

With a triple focus on making, sending, and receiving media, several sessions discussed the implications of Japan’s recent trial of a 5G system, and how the evolution of wireless broadband is accelerating the growth of over-the-top (OTT) broadcast, or the streaming of content directly to subscribers. Telco, cable, and Publishers alike in Japan are all beefing up their over-the-top video initiatives.

Olivier and Mario at Inter Bee

Why does this matter? Providers are starting to stream live 4K OTT content, and some are even in motion to offer immersive VR experiences. At the show, everyone was pushing the frontier to achieve even higher quality with 8K on live TV and VR gaming, and unimagined new use cases.

So, as the world continues to adopt cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) platforms, it makes sense that new tools must apply to enhance internet video delivery of all kinds. That was the topic of a well-attended presentation at Inter Bee by Conviva’s Olivier Wellmann (VP Product), and Mario Cavagnari (VP APAC and LATAM).

During the presentation, Conviva gave an in-depth demonstration on how these solutions can fully support Japanese publishing, telecom, and OTT providers to realize broadcast quality with internet video delivery. How does Conviva do this? By incorporating a ‘big data’ platform with powerful analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities. A lightweight continuous device measurement sensor network combined with a real-time computation, and a video AI platform is critical to success. The platform must aggregate, clean, and merge all required events and metrics to allow operators and publishers to optimize their video delivery and audience engagement.

By leveraging unique local and extensive global data sets, the Conviva Video AI Platform delivers impressive video quality experiences. Publishers can compare themselves with the best-in-class via in-depth benchmarking in Japan, as well as from over 180 countries. Conviva now powers over 9 billion streaming hours per year on 2.5 billion devices across 1200 global ISPs.

The presentation ended by exploring the most compelling method to leverage artificial intelligence and data optimization. Olivier showed the Conviva solution to the audience to best illustrate how these models improve prediction accuracy for quality and content engagement.

Thanks for having us, #InterBEE! It was an enjoyable and enlightening event to attend.