Conviva Introduces the 3 Essential Elements of a Successful OTT Business at NAB 2018

April 12, 2018

That’s a wrap on another stellar NAB for Conviva! We had a great week in Las Vegas as our C-suite and sales team welcomed top customers, prospects, ecosystem partners, press, and analysts to Conviva’s Salon Suite at the Wynn.

3 Essential Elements of a Successful OTT Business

Conviva was excited to connect with customers and colleagues old and new in more than 40 meetings at NAB, and to share our vision of the 3 essential elements of a sucssful OTT business:

EXPERIENCE: Manage and optimize high-quality delivery of content and ads

CONTENT: Gain insights into distribution, marketing, and production of video content

MONETIZATION: Reduce subscriber churn, drive ad-based revenue

Today all experience, content, and monetization decisions must be data-driven, so we were happy to share how Conviva’s Video AI Measurement and Analytics Platform provides data-driven intelligence. Conviva has the largest multi-publisher footprint on the planet with over 2.5B streaming video playing app sensors deployed, measuring over 14B video viewing hours annually. Given this rich data set, we were also proud to share great data highlighted in Conviva’s Annual Census and Infographic at NAB.

Publicity, Panels, and Partnerships

During NAB, Conviva’s execs were also spotted on stage at NAB Show Live, and in the hot seat for interviews with Rapid TV News and IABM which captured the latest insights and updates from Conviva. We were also excited to be invited to join the Google Partner Pavilion to showcase our joint solutions with Google Cloud, including a showcase session demonstrating how Conviva helps track YouTube metrics for embedded videos.

Nab Interviewing Conviva’S Executive Member, Ed  Conviva’s Execs Were Also Spotted On Stage At Nab Show Live  Conviva's Taking Picture At Google Cloud Partner Pavilion Of Conviva's Solution To Video Ai Platform

Mix, Measure, and Mingle with Conviva

In addition to the many meetings to talk business, it was our pleasure to welcome a stellar group of our top customers to Conviva’s suite at the Wynn for an evening of networking to kick off NAB right with classic bites and cocktails from Conviva’s in-suite bartender. While the business of TV has become more complicated, our favorite cocktails have stayed the same. It was a great reminder that an artful Martini at lunch is still the best way to talk about monetizing your business, a stiff Old Fashioned is the only way to come up with great creative content, and nothing delivers a clear and refreshing experience like good ol’ Tom Collins! We were grateful for the appreciation each invitee showed for the wonderful time had at our event.

Conviva’s Executives with Guest Celebrating Successful OTT Business at NAB 2018  Conviva Celebrates With Cocktails And Drinks At Conviva’S Salon Suite At The Wynn  Conviva’s Suite Celebrating In-Suite With Cocktails At The Wynn

Thank you to everyone who made time to meet or relax with us—cheers to a fabulous NAB!