Conviva launches Ecosystem Module at IBC 2018 to Improve Streaming TV Experience with Artificial Intelligence

September 14, 2018

Publishers spend significant resources on addressing video streaming quality issues, but with the technology we have available today, they simply shouldn’t have to. Conviva is excited to take the heavy-lifting away from technicians and engineers through the launch of the Ecosystem Module, providing publishers with:

  • real-time AI alerting of issues;
  • automated issue detection and diagnosis; and
  • streamlined resolution to deliver the best possible viewing experiences.

This announcement coincides with IBC 2018, the world’s most influential media, entertainment, and technology show.

U.S. consumers spend $2 billion a month on streaming video services (2018 Digital Media Trends Survey, Deloitte), and watch 38 hours of content per week, of which 39% is streamed. However, delivering high-quality viewing experiences is very difficult due to complex streaming video delivery chains that require heavy collaboration between all providers.

Conviva’s Ecosystem Module addresses the industry-wide need for collaboration by automating and streamlining the issue resolution process. Publishers can now route real-time, AI-driven issue alerts and diagnostics to their content delivery networks (CDNs) and other ecosystem partners. This helps everyone in the video delivery chain resolve issues faster, frees up valuable technical resources and delivers a smoother viewing experience. The ecosystem module builds on Conviva’s global ecosystem initiative—the world’s first and only permission-based viewer experience visibility program for the streaming TV ecosystem—and its Video AI Alerts technology, which automates the detection and diagnosis of streaming TV issues. As part of this rollout, CDNs already a part of Conviva’s ecosystem initiative will begin receiving Video AI Alerts that provide a 360-degree view into diagnostic visibility.

In addition to launching the Ecosystem Module at IBC 2018 in Amsterdam, Conviva is showcasing the latest trends in consumer streaming habits and quality metrics in front of 57,000 global attendees. Join us to learn about the rise of streaming TV and preview the impressive data footprint that makes Conviva the trusted source of measurement for the streaming TV industry.