Conviva Social Insights Launches New Cross-Platform Leaderboard

New features include industry benchmarks plus Twitter and Instagram competitive tracking.

October 8, 2019

We’ve listened to the marketplace and heard your feedback. That’s why we are excited to announce major enhancements to the Conviva Social Insights Leaderboard. We understand that in order to act upon the in-depth post and video intelligence that Social Insights provides, you need a full understanding of both your own content performance and that of your competitors and industry peers. Today’s Leaderboard upgrades mean that, for the first time, you will have a comprehensive view of just that. View your competitors and industry peers in a single screen, across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

New Leaderboard features in this release include:

  • Competitive tracking for Twitter and Instagram: You can now track audience growth, posting frequency, and account performance on a weekly, monthly, or rolling 30-day basis across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.
  • Category averages: Easily compare your accounts to any Leaderboard’s top row, which will reflect the average performance of all accounts within that Leaderboard.
  • Category lists: View the performance of top social accounts across more than 15 industry categories like Television Shows and Networks, Brands, News, Media, Sports (including Teams and Leagues), and more.
  • Rankings: Newly added rankings provide clarity into how your accounts compare to category lists. Dive into a single platform or rank accounts cross-platform by total engagements, total views, average engagements per video, and more.
  • Bespoke Leaderboards: View personalized Leaderboards across any or all major social platforms with a customized list of competitors, partners, stations, athletes, and more.
  • Improved user interface and responsiveness: Leaderboard has been completely redesigned for increased performance, ease of use, and expanded insights.

Conviva Social Insights better enables you to determine if your audience growth is on par with industry averages on any platform, optimize your posting frequency in comparison to your industry, and roll up total performance of your accounts for use in branded content pitches, with a deeper understanding of your ranking against competitors across all major social platforms.

“The Conviva Leaderboards will be very beneficial to benchmarking our social performance against other teams in the NFL. Not only will it give a high-level view of the league’s footprint and performance, but also breaks down individual teams’ engagement, follower growth, etc. which can be ranked against each other. In addition, the adjustable, custom timeframe of these metrics makes it possible to single out one important day in the league versus month-by-month performance.”

Gabrielle Timmen, Digital Media Analyst, Kansas City Chiefs

“It would be a mistake to assume we can keep our heads down and only pay attention to our own metrics. By establishing benchmarks within the full context of the sports and entertainment world, we have an enhanced ability to make strategic decisions to serve existing Eagles fans and to create new ones.”

Samantha Wood, Director of Digital and Social, Philadelphia Eagles

“We have made a large commitment to developing our YouTube strategy. Having good analytical and competitive insights will help us to program our channel better and ultimately provide our fans with an improved experience. We look forward to utilizing Conviva’s new product to help meet these goals.”

Jeremy Zimmer, Sr. Director of Digital, Cleveland Browns

These Leaderboard upgrades further advance Conviva Social Insights as the most comprehensive social analytics software in the market. With this competitive and industry intelligence combined with in-depth reporting for your own posts, videos, and stories, including automated tagging and campaign reporting, today’s leading organizations can get a comprehensive view of their social business in a single solution.

For more information, or if you’d like a demo of our cross-platform Social Insights Leaderboard, please visit