Conviva Social Insights: Logo Detection now available

Media companies and rightsholders can now streamline branded content and sponsorship reporting on social media

November 17, 2021

Today we’re excited to announce the availability of Conviva Social Insights: Logo Detection. This newest addition to Social Insights enables media companies and rightsholders to monitor, optimize, and report on their branded campaigns through automatic tracking of the presence of logos in social media posts.

Scroll through your social feed at any given time, and you’ll notice much of the content is sponsored by brands in partnership with your favorite accounts. Branded content, especially in video, has become a major opportunity to unlock new revenue on social channels for sports organizations and media companies. According to a study conducted by Ad Age, 67% of consumers find branded content to be more influential and 17% are more likely to make a purchase from the featured brands.

With this continued growth of branded content, marketing, sales, and research teams often face the challenge of managing, tracking, and reporting on the success of multiple sponsored campaigns with multiple advertisers at the same time. With our logo detection capabilities, every social photo and video published on your channels is automatically scanned and tagged for brand logos that appear within the content. Digital marketing, sponsorship, and research teams can easily build campaign reports for all their sponsors, quickly derive data-backed insights about their branded content, develop strategies to create more engaging sponsored content, and gather performance benchmarks to win new business and deliver additional value to their partners.

“Conviva Social Insights is leveraged by Showtime Sports to streamline reporting across social channels, increase content engagement, and improve the level of data we’re able to provide for our sponsors. Logo detection is extremely valuable in helping to automatically monitor the performance of all our sponsored content and surface insights which allow us to over deliver on value for our partners.” – Courtney Maag, Sports Digital Manager at Showtime Networks

With Logo Detection, marketers can now:

  • Streamline branded content and sponsorship reporting through automatic tagging of brands present in social images and videos​
  • Improve planning, pitches, and proposals by using real-time and historical analytics and benchmarks to make data-driven decisions​
  • Identify what branded content works best to increase engagement​
  • Calculate branded content value by CPV, CPE, or CPM to measure campaign ROI or analyze internal costs
  • Combine logo detection with other Conviva tag rules, such as keywords and branded content handshake to automatically track every piece of social content around your sponsors or series

Conviva is excited to be partnering with Visua, a leader in Visual-AI, to provide these exciting new features to rights holders.

“The explosion of visual content, especially video, on social platforms produces a wealth of intelligence that Conviva is unlocking for their customers, with Visual-AI aided Logo Detection. We are delighted to be enabling this major addition to the Conviva platform as their choice of VISUA guarantees their customers the most accurate intelligence in the industry.” – Luca Boschin, CEO and Co-Founder at VISUA

The addition of Logo Detection further emphasizes Conviva’s commitment to provide comprehensive social media analytics that enable marketers to build their audience and develop more engaging social content and campaigns for both fans and sponsors.

Want to learn more about how Logo Detection can streamline your branded content campaigns and sponsorships? Register for our December 9 webinar now