Conviva’s Euro Cup 2020 Social Leaderboard

By Mike Metzler

June 28, 2021

Since 1996, every four years, European audiences rally behind a singular team that represents their entire country in order to determine who has the best footballers in Europe. The 2020 Euro Cup, which was delayed until 2021 due to the pandemic, takes the best players from each country and pits them against each other, very similar to the World Cup. The tournament has exploded onto the world stage with more hype this year due to the delayed start as well as the increased popularity of the tournament outside of Europe. We took a look at the accounts behind each country’s national men’s team, each of which is maintained and posts in their country’s native language, to determine which team has the most engaged fans on social.

Conviva Graphic Showing Share of Total Audience and Engagement For The 2020 Euro Cup

To start, we took a look at where the national teams have been able build their audience. Facebook had the largest share of audience at 35%, one percentage higher than Instagram with 34%. Twitter took third place with an impressive 20% of the total share as YouTube came in last with a respectable 11%.

Looking at total audience is one thing, but engagements show a different story. Instagram has by far the largest share of total public engagements compared to the other platforms. Facebook and Twitter are nearly tied for engagements while YouTube, a platform known more for views than engagements, only captured 1%.

Top 10 Total Cross-platform Audience for National Football Teams Competing in Euro 2020

Most followed men's national football teams euro 2020 euro cup

Rank National Team Cross-Platform Audience
1 England 19,347,099
2 Germany 13,758,288
3 Portugal 13,265,203
4 Spain 9,699,050
5 Italy 9,411,810
6 France 4,308,947
7 Dutch 2,257,666
8 Turkey 1,998,088
9 Russia 1,877,052
10 Croatia 1,319,769


England had the largest cross-platform audience of any country in the tournament with 19 million followers across their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube accounts. Germany and Portugal both had total audiences in the eight-digit range with Spain and Italy not far behind.

Top 10 Total Cross-platform Engagements for First Round Euro 2020

most engaged mens national football teams euro cup 2020 2021

Rank National Team Total Engagements Total Posts
1 England 18,619,623 711
2 Italy 12,363,287 706
3 Portugal 12,055,778 470
4 Germany 7,033,337 360
5 Turkey 6,989,463 277
6 Spain 6,726,405 863
7 Denmark 4,036,873 229
8 Netherlands 3,280,056 363
9 Croatia 2,133,736 273
10 Scotland 1,872,154 494


England once again came out on top with 18 million total engagements, with Italy who came in fifth place in total audience driving the second most total cross-platform engagements at 12.3 million. Portugal was a near second at 12 million engagements. Interestingly, out of the top 10 most engaged, only Turkey and Scotland didn’t make it to the second round.

Which countries are the most engaged?

Teams with the Highest Engagement Rate on Facebook

Rank National Team Facebook Engagement Rate Facebook Audience
1 North Macedonia 3.49% 115,396
2 Denmark 1.80% 243,431
3 Scotland 1.46% 511,781
4 Hungary 1.17% 152,889
5 Swedish 0.99% 292,491
6 Finland 0.93% 86,099
7 Croatia 0.75% 580,697
8 Slovakia 0.58% 74,713
9 Netherlands 0.47% 504,843
10 Austria 0.45% 245,690


Looking just at Facebook, the country with the highest engagement rate was North Macedonia at nearly three times anyone else on the list. Denmark, Scotland, and Hungary all came in above 1%, while Croatia, who had the largest audience in the top 10, came in seventh at .75%. For comparison, the team with the largest Facebook following was England who claimed 7.2 million fans on the platform with an engagement rate of .17%.

Teams with Highest Engagement Rate on Instagram

Rank National Team Instagram Engagement Rank Instagram Audience
1 Scotland 8.49% 285,568
2 Denmark 7.80% 316,022
3 Sweden 7.18% 309,832
4 Slovakia 5.81% 45,957
5 Finland 5.74% 105,207
6 Switzerland 5.37% 131,410
7 Czech Republic 4.59% 123,556
8 Croatia 3.93% 486,112
9 Turkey 3.71% 1,378,624
10 Netherlands 3.68% 1,213,011


Scotland claimed the number one spot when looking at engagement rate and while they didn’t make it to the second round, they did post an insanely high engagement rate at 8.49%. Denmark, which claimed the second spot for engagement rate on Facebook, did the same on Instagram with 7.8%. Turkey who ranked ninth with a 3.71% engagement rate, didn’t make it to the second round but did have the largest audience in the top 10 at 1.3 million on Instagram. For comparison Portugal, which had the largest Instagram audience in the tournament at 7.6 million posted an engagement rate of 2.3%.


Teams with Highest Engagement Rate on Twitter

Rank National Team Twitter Engagement Rate Twitter Audience
1 Norway 2.14% 39,361
2 Sweden 1.47% 20,464
3 Wales 1.43% 83,150
4 Scotland 1.39% 158,046
5 Danish 1.06% 85,997
6 Hungary 0.40% 39,642
7 Czech Republic 0.38% 8,754
8 Finland 0.38% 58,068
9 Portugal 0.27% 1,021,537
10 Belgium 0.19% 897,068


Norway claimed the top spot for Twitter engagement rate at 2.14% and was the only country to have a Twitter account above 2%. Notably, Portugal who had a much higher audience than most other accounts on the list, fifth out of all teams, came in ninth.  For comparison, the most followed team on Twitter, England, posted a .14% engagement rate on Twitter.

Teams with Highest Views Per Video on YouTube

Rank National Team Views Per Video Audience
1 England 304,603 1,590,000
2 France 180,760 1,720,000
3 Denmark 59,814 24,900
4 Netherlands 41,897 207,000
5 Italy 40,851 332,000
6 Russia 37,065 173,000
7 Germany 20,440 352,000
8 Portugal 18,834 199,000
9 Sweden 18,424 22,500
10 Ukraine 13,299 71,100


For YouTube, we ranked average views per video with England coming out on top with an average 304,000 views per video posted during the first round of the tournament. This was almost double France, who came in second yet had a larger audience on YouTube. Denmark, despite only having 24,900 YouTube subscribers, came in third at 59,814 views per video.

Top Social Content

The top piece of content during the first round belongs to England’s Instagram for this clever carousel trick used to post an extra wide shot of their team.


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The second most engagement with piece of content belonged to none other than Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo, also known as the most followed person on Instagram.


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While not breaking into the top content spots for the tournament, Denmark’s engagement across social media was notably bolstered by the outpouring of support for Christian Eriksen who suffered a cardiac arrest on the field during his team’s match against Finland. Denmark’s top-performing Instagram post kept fans up to date on the footballer’s recovery.



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This data was sourced from the Conviva Social Insights – Euro Cup Men’s National Teams Leaderboard. Our cross-platform social leaderboard ranks social accounts based on industry using various social metrics across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Dates featured above, 6-10-21 though 6-23-21 for Facebook, Instagram Twitter and YouTube.