Deepen the Understanding of your Audience: 6 Ways to Overcome the Challenge

By Megan Dobransky

March 2, 2021

In an age where attention is the ultimate currency, gone are the days when streaming and social media analytics can live in silos. Without a consistent way to track a viewer across all your platforms and their devices, you’ll never know how and where to best engage—or reengage—your audiences.

In our blog, Deepen the Understanding of your Audience: The Challenge, we explored why it’s so hard to measure your total digital audience. Building on that, here are six ways you can overcome the challenge of unifying your audiences so you can begin to optimize everything from social and streaming analytics to ad spend to marketing ROI.

  • Take more ownership over your measurement stack. APIs and integrations with social platforms and aggregators have made social analytics easier, but measurements are still disparate based on platform. The more you can combine, own, and control your data, the more you can begin to create better content for your customers and convert more of them faster.
  • Track audience cohorts across the entire customer journey. Knowing your customers’ behaviors throughout the whole customer lifecycle can help you create targeted segments and surface the right content to keep customers engaged as well as personalize content so that it’s authentic, efficient, and maximizes engagement. As we talked about previously, it’s not enough to only do this on social media or only with your streaming content. To really understand your customers throughout their entire journey, you’ll need to understand social and streaming data in tandem.
  • Understand what your audience is doing when they’re not with you. If you see a drop in streaming viewership or engagement, you might still be appealing to your audience, but in a different way. Same on social media; a drop in engagement doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve lost that audience. They could still be consuming your content, be it in a different location or on a different device. When you are able to see your social and owned and operated platform data in one view, you get new insights into what your audience is doing when they’re not with you. Your social audience and streaming audience could be totally different, the same, or have some percentage of crossover—and that will all change over time. With a consistent way to track viewers across all your platforms and their devices, you’ll be able to personalize the experience, optimize video and social strategies, and align your business to drive critical decisions.
  • Know your audiences’ content paths. This could be as simple as how audiences move among your social content and different devices. For more complex organizations, this is how audiences move among your different brands, apps, social content, devices, and streaming platforms. Knowing how audiences consume your content, what they watched before, and what they watch after as well as how they connect with you on social media will help complete the whole picture and deepen the understanding of your audience.
  • Establish privacy-safe segmentation. Segmentation is a vital part of creating and surfacing the highly personalized content that audiences demand. But in a cookieless future where privacy regulations like GDPR and CPAA expand, this is going to be harder and harder. You’ll need to establish a privacy-safe way to segment your customers and share data with your partners. Conviva, for instance, tracks metrics utilizing a privacy-safe ID, so we can provide accurate data on every stream, every screen, every second while still maintaining the privacy of your customers.

New measurement solutions, like Conviva’s Viewer Insights, can empower you with a holistic view of social and streaming insights so you can understand the impacts, segmentation, and performance of all your content.