Announcing New Platform Updates including Facebook Live and Video Analytics

Nick Cicero

October 12, 2016

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Conviva Acquired Delmondo in November of 2018 and has become Conviva Social Insights.

As Delmondo turns two years old this month, we have seen massive shifts in the social video space. When our company launched Snapchat didn’t sell any ads, Facebook was just starting their ascent to becoming a video powerhouse, and we were only just starting to hear rumblings of the birth of a new live streaming movement.

Now video is growing faster than ever – in just the past year alone smartphone video data usage has tripled with millennial viewers. If you believe our client Cisco (like we do), 75% of the world’s mobile traffic will come from video viewership by 2020 and those same millennials will be growing up with new video consumption habits.

When users spend more time consuming video in social feeds, we’re able to collect a lot more data about where, when and how long they watch, the creative and societal inputs and what actions they take immediately after. 

Before social video, we literally couldn’t quantify how long our social posts held someone’s attention. There’s still really no API to tell how long someone looked at your witty Facebook status update, Tweet, or Instagram, but with video you can.

There’s no silver bullet metric when it comes to measuring social video online today. Now that everyone is a broadcaster, instead of trying to compare viewership, publishers and brands need a way to combine total attention across different screens and feeds.

After talking to top tier media execs, video publishers and creators three things were clear:

  1. Smart brands are making more platform-native videos using data and insights to build engaged audiences organically as a way to entertain, garner attention, or drive conversion (and may amplify those posts with paid dollars to fuel organic sharing).
  2. Publishers are producing more distributed video on platforms like Facebook and Facebook Live than ever but need better measurement tools for their video producers, sales team and brand advertisers.
  3. Most people really are only using’s native video analytics tools, barely scratching the surface of analysis.

Just as there are analytics platforms to analyze text, social listening tools for sentiment, and image optimization tools for Instagram, marketers need better video analytics tools to understand their audiences and optimize their video creative of any shape, size or length across all platforms.

Thats why we are announcing the expansion of the Delmondo Creator Studio to include cross-platform social video and live streaming analytics.

Starting now, Delmondo customers and creative partners can connect their accounts on Facebook and Facebook Live, Snapchat, YouTube, YouNow, Twitter, and we’re working with select enterprise customers on integrating first-party video players to measure video across all channels, with new platforms on the way.

Here are just a few of the major updates:

New Tools for Facebook Video and Facebook Live Analytics

  • Measure key metrics around views, watch time, engagements, and see the entire viewership and retention funnel from awareness to 3-second views, 10-second views and total completions
  • For Facebook Live videos, measure average minute audience, live vs. replay viewers, and view real-time analytics around viewers and engagement during streams
  • Break down viewers by demographics like age, gender, and location, or viewing habits including autoplay vs. click-to-play, sound on and sound off, owned views vs. views from shares and more
  • Compare the performance of Facebook videos and live broadcasts across content tags

Easy Cross-Platform Video Campaign Reporting

  • Build custom video campaign dashboards tracking cross-platform video views, reach and impressions, engagements, top performing content, channels and more
  • Set custom campaign ROI metrics including CPV and CPE
  • For publishers, this means being able to centralize all of the different components of a sponsored social video campaigns in one place
  • Give your advertisers insights into the performance of branded Facebook Live streams by tagging and measuring how many viewers were exposed to any brand image or message during live broadcasts or replays

The need for live analytics is now. Take a quick look at the first presidential debate on Facebook Live. Below are the top 10 major news organizations streaming the debates.

facebook live analytics

Each stream drove an average of roughly 3M views at 3-seconds and that’s during prime time. As Facebook gets smarter about understanding who is watching what types of videos and when, and rolls out a number of mobile video player experiences, these viewership numbers will only increase in volume across all times of day. Video publishers need to take ownership of these metrics too.

Through our brief history, I have watched one thing remain the same – we as a society continue to consume media across an ever changing landscape of channels and screens because of an inundation of content. That’s why Delmondo will continue to look for new and emerging video platforms where people are spending their time (If you’re building the next hot OTT channel, video platform or live streaming app and want to plug in top media brands and advertisers we want to hear from you). 

We’re calling for a change of thinking on social video, it’s time to measure consumption versus appetite. 

No longer just for Snapchat, Delmondo is a creative insights and video analytics company helping brands and media companies measure and monetize social video.

We’ll be at the first-ever Live Fronts meeting with today’s leaders in monetizing video and showcasing our new analytics offerings. So if you’re attending be sure to stop by and meet us in person.

If you’re interested in learning more about our complete company offerings drop me a line here.