Delmondo is now an official Facebook Media Solutions Partner for Video Analytics

Nick Cicero

November 22, 2016

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Conviva Acquired Delmondo in November of 2018 and has become Conviva Social Insights.

I’m excited to announce that Delmondo’s social video measurement software is the newest Facebook Media Solutions partner, providing enterprise technology solutions to media companies, agencies, and brands.

Our Facebook Live analytics tools are helping today’s leading producers optimize streams, uncover viewing habits, automate reporting and monetize their content.

Delmondo’s technology is used by media companies like MTV and the UFC, brands like Lowe’s Home Improvement, L’Oreal, Chipotle, Cisco, and agencies like BBDO, Roker Media and Viral Nation.

Here are some of the highlights of our new Live Video analytics:

  • Real-time live video dashboards tracking metrics like concurrent live viewers, reactions, comments and shares for Facebook Live broadcasts
  • Measure the Average Minute Audience and Engagements per Minute for individual streams, or roll them up across series, channels and networks
  • Tag segments of streams like commercial breaks, guest cameos, etc for greater in-stream measurement and ads reporting
  • See the entire viewership funnel for live videos from impressions through 3-second, 10-second, 30-second, and completions, for both live and replay viewers
  • Optimize your streams by digging into live vs. replay video analytics, audience insights like age, gender, location and viewing habits like sound on vs. sound off and more for both live and replay viewers
  • Measure an unlimited number of owned live video channels simultaneously
  • Automated report creation so you can spend more time analyzing data than collecting it
  • Build custom live video reports based on keyword, hashtag, content tag and more – tracking cross-platform video views, reach and impressions, engagements, top performing content and channels

This is only the beginning, we’re rolling out a ton of new features over the next few weeks, and even more planned for 2017.

If you’re interested in learning more about Delmondo’s Video Analytics for Facebook Live, visit our new landing page for all the details, and contact us today for a demo.