I’d like to share why our developer community is so important and key to our business.

It’s been a busy few months for the ecosystem team. Over the summer, Olivier Wellmann joined us to lead the Ecosystem expansion initiative. The roadmap was well-defined, the resources allocated, and our engineering team has been hard at work delivering this crucial piece of our solution development.

A key component to this expansion has been finding ways to expedite the integrations we complete in-house by crucially empowering external entities with the appropriate tools and documentation to add Conviva’s capabilities to their platforms and applications. For this reason, we developed an SDK program and decided to invest in an external-facing developer portal that could help us spread our knowledge. Our SDK allows 3rd parties to access Conviva’s powerful Video Experience platform.

While engaging with developers has its challenges, we also know that offering the right knowledge and tools leads to successful recruitment which ultimately benefits developers and Conviva in a virtuous loop.  

On December 7th we launched the Conviva Developer Community. The new Conviva Developer program includes a newly-redesigned and enhanced Resource Center (previously knows as DRC for Developer Resource Center). Select SDKs (both for JavaScript and Android devices) were released via the Developer Community.

Through this portal, Conviva provides developers with technical documentation, software development kits (SDKs), sample source code and reference guides for testing their new, innovative applications. A developer forum will be launched in Q1 2016 to spur collaboration between Conviva engineers and developers. It is much easier to have real engineers engage and tackle questions and hurdles. I can’t count the times where I scanned a forum for answers and found the response provided by forum members. Crowd-sourcing answers augments the wealth of information Conviva provides.

We’re excited about this initiative and are confident that it will help us all succeed in 2016.  We plan on making many upgrades and enhancements to make the community truly interactive and easy to use, so please stay tuned.  In the mean time,  I’d like to challenge each and every one of you to better our community by sending us suggestions, edits and ideas.  And thank you all for the work that went into launching this first phase of our community.  

Please sign-up, download and code!  And don’t forget to evangelize our powerful platform.