Customer Story | Enhancing User Experience: A Strategic Move Towards Higher Ad Revenue

May 22, 2023

The streaming market is a complicated mix of licensing deals, user devices, CDNs, publishers, and content. A prominent OTT provider, despite its extensive library of shows and exclusive content, was struggling to generate revenue proportionate to its value.

The OTT player’s objectives were audience retention, increasing ad views, and engagement. They had the content and market presence but lacked data-driven insights. Conviva filled this gap.

Outcome highlights

Conviva offered in-depth and detailed analytics, enabling the team to gain valuable insights. They could now access a comprehensive, unified measurement system that tracked every event, user, and session. In such a fragmented market, making educated decisions was crucial to their success.

Harnessing QoE to Set the Stage for Success

In an exceedingly varied end-user-device landscape where over 60% of users were on mobile, the OTT platform turned to Conviva’s Streaming Performance Index (SPI) as a vital compass. The SPI, a composite of various Quality of Experience (QoE) indicators, provided an easily digestible yet comprehensive performance metric.

The SPI functioned as a real-time barometer of the streaming experience quality. High SPI scores indicated engaging, issue-free streams. On the other hand, streaming difficulties such as video start failures, extended startup times, network-induced rebuffering, or bitrate crashes would cause the SPI to fall. This high-level metric served as an effective tool for every tier of the organization, from operations to the executive suite.

A significant advantage of the SPI was the extensive data backing it. Leadership at the OTT platform was immediately alerted when viewer experience dipped below acceptable levels. Moreover, they had immediate access to potential root causes, enabling swift resolution.

This readily actionable information spurred changes across the organization. Despite the incredibly diverse end-user-device landscape, the single SPI metric helped uncover patterns of performance gaps. It efficiently highlighted errors and their root causes, allowing the team to address issues quickly and continue on the path to success.

Innovating for Success: New Player Rollout and Data-Driven Decisions

The OTT player recognized that merely fixing issues wouldn’t be enough to strengthen their market position and boost revenue. They needed to innovate and progress.

The OTT player launched a new version of their video player, guided by insights from Conviva on which upgrades would significantly impact the Quality of Experience (QoE). AI-powered tools like AI Insights facilitated efficient break-fix and optimization efforts, leading to a 30% year-over-year SPI increase.

Elevating Ad Revenue Through Analytics

The introduction of a new player and a data-focused approach to enhancing viewer experience led to a 10% rise in ad deliveries for the platform. However, the benefits of Conviva’s analytics extended beyond mere numbers. By encompassing the entire viewer experience, including ads, the platform acquired significant insights into user engagement.

Conviva’s comprehensive approach gave the platform a panoramic view of user interactions, including their engagement with ads. This granular, session-level data identified the most effective ad placements and the ads that sparked the greatest engagement. As a result, the platform was not only able to fully exploit its ad inventory, but it could also smartly strategize its use for maximum impact.


This OTT streaming platform has transformed its approach to measuring and improving the quality of its user experience. Armed with robust data from Conviva’s analytics, the platform can now accurately showcase the true value of its audience. With their player enhancements and emphasis on QoE, audiences began to spend 30% more minutes watching Zee quarter over quarter. Now, Zee has the means to continuously enhance viewer experiences and use these improvements as a stepping stone towards higher ad revenue.

With Conviva’s comprehensive, intelligent alerting, the platform is always aware of real-time performance, allowing for swift issue resolution and maintaining high QoE. Moreover, the holistic, data-driven insights provided by Conviva enable the platform to make strategic decisions and proactively address challenges in this technically complex market.

Through this data-centric approach, the OTT platform is better equipped to thrive in the fragmented streaming market. It can effectively navigate the landscape, continue delivering quality content, and further capitalize on its audience’s value.