Informe gratuito: Puntos de referencia de las historias de Instagram para 2018

mike metzler

julio 16, 2018

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Conviva adquirió Delmondo en noviembre de 2018 y se ha convertido Perspectivas sociales de Conviva.

Instagram Stories has continued to grow in popularity with 400 million users consuming stories daily. These numbers indicate staggering growth compared to this time last year when Instagram reported 150 million daily users in July 2017.

While these numbers indicate increased adoption and consumption, it also means more brands are vying for your attention.

So in a world crowded with stories, how does one stand out?

When we launched our first Instagram studies report in October 2017, Instagram Stories was barely a year old and was reported to have 150 million users. This time around we aimed to build on those statistics using a much larger data set while also providing data backed suggestions on how to improve your Instagram Stories.

This study focused solely on consumer brands, entertainment properties, sports related accounts and media/publishers.

In this report, we’ll share findings from the last six months of Delmondo Instagram story data from more than 5,000 stories.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Industry-specific benchmarks for story completion and reach
  • Key insights into posting frequency and story length
  • Creative executions driving standout performance for brands

Ready to see how you compare and receive actionable, data based tips you can use to improve your stories?

Download our free report here.

Conviva's Instagram Stories Benchmark Study Summer 2018 Cover