Experience Benchmarks

Global OTT Benchmark Data and Analytics

Experience Benchmarks gives publishers greater insight and intelligence into key experience metrics, for smarter decision-making and planning to both grow and improve the performance of their business.


Key Benefits of Experience Benchmarks

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Census-Based Streaming Video Viewership Intelligence

Every year, Conviva captures key experience metrics directly from over 25B streams and over 2.5B devices in more than 180 countries. And, as device proliferation grows, Conviva’s global streaming video data expands every day to more viewers, devices, platforms and apps. Using its video AI, Conviva aggregates and translates this multi-dimensional over-the-top (OTT) best practice and benchmark data into rich, interactive and actionable intelligence that can be accessed anytime via easily digestible reports and dashboards.

Census-Based Streaming
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Market and Competitive Intelligence

Benchmarks covering every major KPI metric and dimension – including experience, delivery, geography, platform, device, and more – give video on demand (VOD) publishers a granular understanding of the competition and market at both the global and regional level. With the intelligence, ad-based video on demand (AVOD) and subscription video on demand (SVOD) publishers are better armed to define corporate and departmental KPIs and thresholds, benchmark their performance against the industry, engage in scenario planning, optimize content to maximize device capabilities, and gain a competitive edge by prioritizing specific KPIs.

The KPIs, such as rebuffering ratio, bitrate and video start time, are provided as both a median and a 75th percentile benchmark. This allows OTT publishers and service providers to gauge their performance across both a midpoint and the top end of the market.

Key Benefits of Experience Benchmarks
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Make Smarter Strategic and Expansion Decisions

The video-streaming marketplace is evolving and getting more competitive every day. Experience Benchmarks help by giving publishers a greater understanding of how and where to invest in order to increase and retain subscribers. With the benefit of the global data gathered directly from video viewing devices, publishers are in a better position to understand what’s possible and achievable, and commit confidently to a new device platform, geography or content delivery network (CDN) partner.

Key Use Cases

Easily Solve Common Strategic Planning and Performance Assessment Use Cases

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Goal Setting

Establish and track experience KPIs toward expansion or performance goals

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Delivery Recommendations

Assess CDN and ISP performance to structure optimal peering relationships

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Expansion Strategy

Assess device penetration and performance data to optimize expansion strategies

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Bitrate Selection

Identify optimal bitrates based on industry best practices

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Top Publisher Benchmarking

Compare experience metrics with top publishers to target your investments

Experience Benchmarks

The video streaming marketplace is incredibly competitive. The quality of the viewer experience can be an important differentiator. Conviva’s Experience Benchmarks give publishers the intelligence and comprehensive view of the market and competition needed to maintain quality and find ways to separate their service from the competition around what matters the most – video viewing experience.

Experience Insights