Five Ways to Become a Strategic Partner to Your Clients – For Agencies

By Megan Dobransky

May 10, 2021

The agency world is a competitive one. Not only do you have to keep your clients happy, but you also have to win against increasing challenges, innovations, and pressureWith new social networks, streaming platforms, trends, and influencers to follow, and even more fleeting viewer attention spans, it’s harder than ever for a brand to stand out. There are thousands of marketing and digital advertising agencies in the world, with new ones coming on the scene regularly. So, what can you do to become a strategic partner and keep your current clients as well as gain new ones?  

Be the first to know   

With the ability to search and sort through millions of the top social posts, images, videos, and stories that drive the most engagement or viewership daily, you can get ahead of cultural and creative content trends that drive the conversation on the social web. Using these types of analytics will help you be the first to know what kind of content, posted where, can increase audience engagement via social and video—and your clients will reap the benefits. 

Benchmark with the best 

Position your clients as thought leaders in the market by scoring and benchmarking across brands, competitorsand partners. With the right data, you can identify whitespace for your clients, uncover industry trends, and unpack the content moves of their competitors to make strategic recommendations.  

Develop into a thought leader yourself 

Agencies can use much of the same benchmarking data to position your agency as a thought leader for your clients. By staying ahead of the trends that drive social conversation and engagement, you build trust with your clients. They will rely on you for the best advice and consultation, making it harder for them to leave you for the competition.  

Make smarter recommendations  

Lead with confidence and become a trusted strategic partner to your clients by knowing your recommendations will make their investments count on social and video. With comprehensive cross-platform social findings and viewer-centric data, you can know with certainty what, where, when, and how your clients’ audiences are watching content and take action to increase brand engagement across social media.  

Use the right data 

Social media, and video in particular, have quickly become critical for brands looking to engage with consumers online. In a recent study, 93% of consumers said video is helpful when purchasing a product, with video as their #1 favorite type of content from brands on social media.  

Data and analytics empower you to become a strategic partner to your clients, but as video and social media converge, you’ll need the right datametrics that bring together not only a variety of social platforms, but also streaming media. By combining social and streaming data, you can ensure you know where audiences are when they’re not on your clients’ platforms and create better strategies to reach them.