Hockey’s Social Media Gets a Restart Along with the NHL

By Mike Metzler

August 12, 2020

Infographic Showing Top 10 NHL Cross Platform Social Engagements

The NHL restart is heating up, both on and off the ice. After 9 straight days of hockey and over 40 games, the Stanley Cup Playoff bracket is set. There was heartbreak and more than a few surprises during the week, which culminated in dozens of viral social moments. We took a look at all the NHL teams during phase 1 (qualifiers and round-robins) of the restart and ranked them by total cross-platform engagements (FB+IG+TW+YT). Read on for 5 can’t-miss social highlights.

Out But Not Forgotten

The Toronto Maple Leafs led the league in total cross-platform engagements with 1.97m during the 9-day phase 1 restart. Comparatively, the average total for all teams in the NHL during this same time period was 581k. Despite being the team inside the bubble that was most engaged with on social media, the Leafs did not make the cut for the playoffs. The Leafs also took the top content spot during phase 1 of the restart with this Instagram post that racked up over 110k engagements.

Tuned In

NHL fans were more than ready to watch their teams on social during the restart. If social is any indication, even more ready than when the season kicked back off in October. Total video views and average views per video on Facebook and YouTube were both up significantly, with total views up 71.3% and average views per video up 80%. Impressively, these percentages include all 31 NHL teams despite only 22 NHL teams being active inside the bubble.

Most Engaged Fans

The Carolina Hurricanes claim the title for most engaged fans. Their cross-platform engagement rate for all content made during phase 1 of the restart was 1.12%. Comparatively, the league average during this time .34%. The Canes also had the largest increase in audience from the shutdown time to restart, with a 9.7% increase in social fanbase. By comparison, the next closest audience percentage increase was the Edmonton Oilers which grew their followers by 5.5%.

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Winning on Twitter

If you’re a hockey fan you know how heated NHL Twitter can get and the restart only turned up the gas. Engagement rate for all teams was a massive 82.5% higher during the 9-day phase 1 restart than it was for the first 9 days of the NHL season. Coming in on top was the number 1 seed, the Philadelphia Flyers. The Flyers had the most engagements per post on Twitter for any team in the league with 1.3k engagements on average. The average engagements per post for all NHL teams on Twitter during this same time period was 467.

Facebook for the Win

The Chicago Blackhawks dominated Facebook during the restart claiming the top spot for engagements with 379k on Facebook. The Blackhawks were 23rd in the team standings when the league paused due to the pandemic but saw a big lift to grab the 8th seed spot to face off against the Golden Knights. The Blackhawks also had the post that was most engaged with of any team during the restart on Facebook.


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All insights and rankings used in this blog post were found using the Conviva Social Insights Leaderboard. For more information on the Conviva Social Insights Leaderboard fill out our contact form here. The time periods mentioned in this blog post referenced 8/1/2020-8/9/2020 for phase 1 and to 10/2/2019-10/10/2019 for the start of the original season.