How Conviva’s Continuous Measurement Solutions Elevate Streaming

May 10, 2022

Streaming is big, and getting bigger. Every major media company has launched its own streaming service in recent years, while market demand has steadily increased.

“Streaming is set to overtake traditional TV by next year, and this isn’t just a large format issue. It’s on every single device with OTT and streaming, and so it is arguably the most strategic part of your business right now if you are a publisher.” – Alex Klausner, Senior Product Market Manager, Conviva

Still, once a streaming service is up and running, how does it continue to mature in the marketplace? It’s an essential question, because simply launching a streaming service is not a recipe for sustained success. With the exponential growth of new streaming and linear options, publishers must be able to keep an edge over the competition.

In a recent webinar at the First Look 2022 OTT virtual conference, Continuous Measurement Solution for Streaming Services, Klausner sheds light on current streaming challenges, Conviva’s ready-to-go solutions, and how data can propel streaming services to the next level.

Challenges meet opportunities

Scattered attention spans. Endless competition. Increasing viewer expectations. Despite the vast opportunity in the streaming world, these are just a few of the many challenges that publishers face as they attract an audience.

That’s why streaming partners vying to outperform the competition are looking at next-generation data for the solution. The right data in the right hands can help publishers identify what’s really important and what’s not, giving them an edge in both linear and streaming spaces.

“What if you could deliver a quality experience on your streaming platform that’s not just as good as linear TV, but actually better both in terms of content, personalization, and advertising?” – Alex Klausner, Senior Product Market Manager, Conviva

Driving results with insights

To give its streaming partners the metrics they need to outshine the competition and maximize revenue, all of Conviva’s solutions focus on the key performance indicators of acquisition, engagement, and retention. Ultimately, Conviva’s streaming and social data can help publishers retain and grow their viewer base.

“You spend a lot of money acquiring [customers], and you want to keep them once you’ve got them on your platform.” – Alex Klausner, Senior Product Market Manager, Conviva

Conviva can help streamers find the drivers of retention, letting them deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time. Meanwhile, Conviva’s continuous measurement follows each user’s content path across different sessions, allowing publishers to segment audiences, understand unlikely affinities, and create playlists based on what viewers are really interested in watching. Additional insights include preferred streaming device, the number of different shows each user streams, and the qualities that make up the most loyal viewers.

Best of all, Conviva’s all-in-one dashboard makes it easy to view data and connect it to other sources. Altogether, this data can be activated to optimize your revenue, and stay on top of the competition.

“Data is so important, and Conviva really helps our publishers unlock insights that can help them make better decisions about investing in content development or content acquisition deals, converting trials into subscriptions.” – Alex Klausner, Senior Product Market Manager, Conviva

Learn more: Watch the Continuous Measurement Solution for Streaming Services webinar.