Improved Video Experiences with castLabs’ PRESTOplay and Conviva

April 19, 2017

By Bryce Pederson, VP Marketing at castLabs

Improved Video Experiences with castLabs’ PRESTOplay and Conviva
Harness Conviva’s data-driven intelligence platform to improve viewing experiences within our PRESTOplay video player SDK suite.

Consumers are viewing video content across a wide variety of devices in diverse locations at all times of the day. Therefore, content publishers must be aware of changes in viewing behaviour and conditions which could indicate frustration with the playback interface, ad serving, or performance issues.

Collaborating with Conviva, we are able to deliver data-driven insights into every viewer’s quality of experience (QoE) from within our PRESTOplay SDK video player suite. Publishers can easily harness and act upon these insights to increase engagement, brand affinity, and maximize viewer satisfaction.

Every measure has been taken to ensure a high-quality, seamless integration with quick response times. This video player and video intelligence partnership is available across all browser, Android and iOS players built with PRESTOplay SDKs.

Read the full press release on the integrated QoE and video player solution here.

Intelligence-Guided Viewing Experiences
Ideal for new customers and for existing Conviva customers looking to switch or expand their video player framework, this integrated hassle-free, intelligent player solution offers:

Viewer Intelligence – in-depth viewer statistics available in real time including content-related, network infrastructure, and device metadata.

Video Quality Intelligence – understand how your content is performing, identify specific issues that may affect the viewer’s quality of experience.

Subscriber Intelligence – gain insights into how subscribers engage with your content, validating their experience.
As one of Conviva’s QoE Ecosystem Partners, we now have access to video experience service statistics which ensures that potential player-side viewing experiences issues can be promptly resolved.

Holistic Video Playback Solution
Combining the video intelligence of the Conviva Platform and the multi-device playback technology of PRESTOplay SDKs provides you with responsive tools for a superior playback experience. For simplified DRM license management across all major DRM systems, we also offer a cloud-based DRM management service DRMtoday.

View our DRMtoday page for more information as to realizing a complete, holistic video playback solution.

Contact us for more information on our Conviva-compatible solutions, or to access our PRESTOplay plugin.