Conviva CEO Bill Demas sat down with Jeff Weisbein at BestTechie to discuss the streaming wars going on between industry giants – Netflix, Disney, Amazon, WarnerMedia, and others – and what this streaming war means for consumers.

With a majority of the world watching TV via streaming by 2022, Conviva plays a critical role in ensuring that consumers have a high-quality experience, and helps streaming companies better know their audience, monetize their offering, and help them make better decisions overall through enterprise analytics.

"Streaming video is a lot more complex than cable. In the world of cable, if you’re a consumer, cable goes to your apartment building or home, you watch something, and it’s a direct connection. The internet wasn’t built for streaming and video, really, which is one of the problems we here at Conviva have been solving."
— Bill Demas, CEO at Conviva