Kansas City Chiefs Execute with Champion’s Mindset on a Social Media Strategy

March 9, 2022

The Kansas City Chiefs teamed up with Conviva, the global leader in streaming and social media intelligence, for a competitive edge to score 72% higher engagement and league-best social growth.


Professional sports teams have some of the most rigorous content calendars of any organization operating in social media today. From telling the stories of their personnel, players, and club history to building lasting fan relationships in their community, the Kansas City Chiefs needed a way to analyze all their social media posts across platforms to understand what content drove the most engagement for their fans and sponsors.

Previously, the Chiefs would manually pull separate analytics reports from native platforms, creating multiple reports with multiple stakeholders with varying frequency of data updates. They needed a solution that would make reporting on their social content fast, effective, and most importantly, able to connect social efforts with the various business outcomes that their executive stakeholders need.


Accelerate time to insight by streamlining social reporting

The Chiefs implemented Conviva Social Insights in 2019 to measure every post, video, live video and story across their multiple Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and Snapchat accounts.

Using Conviva’s automated tagging tools, the Chiefs create tag rules that automatically categorize and label every piece of social content including things such as multiple video series, game-day campaigns, social graphics, off-season activities, player content, community events, and of course, every piece of sponsored and branded content.

This enables the team to answer nearly any question that comes up from their team about improving their content strategy by understanding what content, themes, and platforms drive the highest engagement and conversion on their creative.

“Conviva Social Insights helps us sift through the thousands of photos, videos and stories we make each week to understand what our fans are engaging with. Our team can quickly identify what content is working and what’s not to make decisions backed by data that improve our content strategy every single day without waiting for analysis or reporting to come in.” — Gabrielle Timmen, Kansas City Chiefs Social Media Coordinator

API is as easy as 1-2-3

It’s critical for professional sports teams like the Chiefs to connect the engagement from their fans on social media platforms with other touchpoints in the fan experience on web and mobile apps such as merchandise, ticket sales, and sponsorship revenue. In order to directly connect their social activities to their greater business goals, the Chiefs leveraged the Conviva Social Insights API to consistently ingest cleaned and categorized social analytics into their database.

From Conviva’s step-by-step documentation playbook to white-glove integration service from Conviva’s global customer success team, the Conviva API was up and running in less than an hour compared to days with previous vendors.

“This was the easiest API we have ever used. Conviva is so fast and aggregating everything within the API is very easy.” — Andrew Schutte, Kansas City Chiefs Data Scientist

With the lightning-fast API set up, the Chiefs tied together their social analytics with other key marketing sources—such as CRM, ticketing, ad sales tracking and internal BI tools—to develop robust scouting reports and custom executive dashboards from all marketing channels to lean into the social activities that drive impact across the entire business. Now instead of waiting until Monday to assess their social campaigns’ impact on the larger business goals from the Sunday game, the Chiefs can start dissecting theirs within minutes.

Competitive benchmarks help the Chiefs outpace their peers

While the Chiefs have had a winning record on the field for the last nine seasons in a row, it’s just as important for them to understand how they rank off the field and on social media with other teams in the NFL. Using Leaderboards from Conviva Social Insights, the Chiefs were able to measure the performance of their accounts against the other teams in the NFL on social media. The team established league social baselines, learned teams’ tendencies, and identified underutilized social media platforms and formats to cut through even Arrowhead-level noise. They can also use the Social Insights API to bring competitive data right into their larger dashboards for executives.

“The Conviva Leaderboards are critical to benchmarking our social performance against other teams in the NFL. Not only does it give a high-level view of the league’s footprint and performance, but also breaks down individual teams’ engagement and video views, follower growth and more, which can be ranked against each other. We use Conviva Social Insights Leaderboards to quickly see how we rank against key social KPIs, or research who else in the league is doing well on a certain platform or content type, which helps us understand the types of content that resonate with NFL fans across the entire league.” — Gabrielle Timmen, Kansas City Chiefs Social Media Coordinator


Trained with these insights, the Chiefs restocked their social playbook with their highest percentage social plays and incorporated novel campaigns learned from their competitors. The results? Well aside from the most important win, a Super Bowl in 2020, the Chiefs are among the League’s best-performing teams in social media befitting the juggernaut on the field:

  • Since 2019, Chiefs content has generated 250M social engagements, 830M social video views and they added 4.5 million new followers across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok.
  • In 2021, they ranked in the top five teams for engagements per post on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Instagram reach per post is up 30%.
  • Average watch time on Facebook and YouTube increased 46% and 40%, respectively, in 2021 versus 2020.

What’s next?

The Chiefs capped off the 2021 season with high social buzz. After the instant classic AFC Divisional playoff game versus the Cincinnati Bengals, Kansas City Chiefs tallied a whopping 130 million impressions on gameday alone: their highest since their 2019 Super Bowl championship. And the social buzz reverberated with 72% higher engagement across social posts in the weeks following the overtime epic.

By harnessing the full power of Conviva Social Insights APIs, their team has complete data flexibility to utilize robust insights to move forward into the next season. The team is equipped with a system in place to continue optimizing content performance, testing new ideas, and growing their fanbase on social.

With a data-driven digital content team being so attuned to their fans’ wants, and, of course, with a little “Mahomes magic,” it is no doubt the Chiefs will continue their dominance in the AFC for years to come.

Are you looking to bring a winning mindset into your social media strategy by streamlining your reporting and doubling down on data? Set up time with one of our team members or sign up for a free trial of Conviva Social Insights.