A Look Back on an Award-Winning 2017

Global Office Expansion and 60% Employee Growth

January 2, 2018

As we embark on the new year, it is the time for reflection on the year past and anticipation for the year to come. With the dedication of our employees, the continued relationships with the industry’s top OTT publishers, and the backing of our supporters, 2017 became another hallmark year for Conviva. To spur development of new products, accelerate sales and marketing, and expand internationally, Conviva announced a funding round of $40M from new and existing investors earlier this year. With 2017 at a close, we are proud to reflect on a year where we have reached our goals with an impressive global scale of deployment, growth of the company, the launch of an award-winning product, and continued industry recognition.

Conviva List Of Awards From 180+ Countries And Scale Deployment Conviva reached record numbers this year with an annual run rate of more than 3 billion devices monitored, streaming in excess of 14 billion hours of content, in more than 180 countries around the globe. Conviva now monitors more than 3 million events each second, across over 1,200 global ISPs and 2,100 video app types. This unprecedented scale allows for groundbreaking intelligence, making Conviva the measurement standard for the next generation of TV.


As our employees are key to the company’s success, we have been proud to grow the Conviva family to nearly 200 employees in offices around the globe. We are also excited to welcome more than 45 employees who have joined Conviva via our new offices that opened in China, India, Spain, and France in 2017. Conviva now boasts presence in many major global markets including Silicon Valley, New York, London, Paris, Madrid, Bangaluru, Beijing, Singapore, and Melbourne.

Conviva's Employees Enjoying Feast As We Celebrate Company's Success   Conviva's Team Celebrating Over Beer For London Expansion
Conviva's Team Nearly 200 Employees Togeether Celebrating Awards Received In 2017 Conviva's Employees Celebrating Together After Receiving Awards And Expansions    Conviva Employees Showing Off Their Prizes Won

Conviva Introduce video AI alerts for HBO In September, Conviva launched Video AI Alerts, artificial intelligence purpose-built for streaming video delivery. Video AI Alerts, powered by the Video AI Platform’s detection and diagnosis artificial intelligence models, earned acclaim by winning three awards in the short time since the initial launch at IBC. With this solution, we struck a chord with publishers by addressing a major pain point with automatic detection and diagnosis of service delivery issues. This allows publishers to provide consistently higher quality of experience in a cost-effective way, to manage the growing complexity of OTT business.

The reception to our products has been truly humbling this year, as Conviva continues to receive recognition for our Video AI Platform and Precision Delivery Intelligence, as well as Video AI Alerts. Since the recent launch of Video AI Alerts, we have been proud to win a number of prestigious awards including The CSI Award for Best Monitoring or Network Management Solution, the IABM Design & Innovation Award for Best Quality Control & Monitoring, and IBC’s Best of Show Award for Global TV Technology, as well as a nod from Content Innovation Awards with Video AI Alerts shortlisted for OTT TV Technology of the Year. In addition to the praise for Video AI Alerts, Conviva won Streaming Media Readers’ Choice Award for Best Analytics Platform, the Content Innovation Award for TV Service Innovation of the Year for Precision, and was recognized with the TV Connect Award for Precision as the Conviva & Sky partnership was shortlisted for the Best Content Delivery Service.

Conviva Executive Team Member Holding Our Plaque Awards At Ibc    Conviva's Executives On Stage Receiving Our Awards at IBC 2017    Conviva Executive Receiving An Award On Stage   Conviva's Video Ai Alerts Won The Best Monitoring Or Network Management Solution At Csi Awards 2017    Conviva Won Best Of Show Awards 2010 Winner Certificate    Conviva's Executives Proud with Our Plaque Awards from TV Connect as Best Content Delivery Service

Our success this year has been a true measure of Conviva’s commitment to produce industry-leading technology. We look forward to 2018 with great anticipation, and high expectations for what we can achieve in the new year.