Looking for More Viewers? Try Research-driven Social Media and Streaming Insights

March 7, 2022

No matter how different they may be, the ever-growing list of social media and streaming platforms have one thing in common: They want to gain more market share.

Conviva conducted research to learn exactly how consumers discover content across disparate social media, streaming, and media platforms—and how marketers can engage these nomadic viewers more effectively.

In a recent Conviva webinar, Social Guide for Streaming, experts shared what they learned about content discovery from the 2,500 consumers who participated in its survey, along with findings gleaned from Conviva’s proprietary Social Insights tools.

How do viewers find content? It’s complicated.

At-home entertainment has come a long way since the days of turning on a TV and flipping through a handful of terrestrial channels. Today’s consumers have almost endless options thanks to the surging popularity of social media and streaming, and consumption habits are changing at a rapid pace.

While this complexity makes the discovery of new streaming content complicated for viewers, it creates an even bigger challenge for content providers. Conviva’s research took a deep dive into this issue to learn what drives viewers to content.

“When we take a look at the top sources of streaming discovery, what we really found is that content discovery is still a mystery.”—Nick Cicero, Vice President of Strategy, Conviva

In fact, Conviva’s research revealed that 38% of viewers discover a new show by chance. Other paths to content include advertising, recommendations from family and friends, and, of course, engagement on social media platforms. In fact, nearly half of the viewers in the study said they found new content through social media channels, which underscores the importance of these platforms for marketers.

“As you can see, discovering by chance or having recommendations surfaced while by watching your streaming service is something that you can use and change with your own programming and your own products, but being able to influence new discovery through social media is critical.”—Nick Cicero, Vice President of Strategy, Conviva

The magnetic appeal of video

Some of the most successful engagement occurs around video content, and that isn’t just happening on streaming platforms. Social media users are also consuming a significant amount of video content.

“They’re looking at posts from their friends, they’re liking posts, they’re commenting, but there’s also a significant amount of video activity. The fact is that social is becoming more of a video-first experience.”—Nick Cicero, Vice President of Strategy, Conviva

The past several years have seen exponential growth in Facebook and Twitter video, as well as from the emergence of Snapchat, Vine, and TikTok, which are 100% video. This trend reveals vast opportunities for marketers of streaming content.

The social media-video connection

Word of mouth and advertising are inextricably linked to social media like never before. In the Conviva study, two-thirds of respondents agreed that social media offers a lot of useful information about movies and shows, information that inspires them to tune in.

“There is a direct correlation between high social media usage and high streaming video consumption. High social media users are more than twice as likely to spend more than eight hours a day streaming while the inverse is true for low social media users, who are three times more likely to watch just one hour a day.”—Nick Cicero, Vice President of Strategy, Conviva

As the world of streaming evolves, the world of social is evolving too, and video is a key part of that. Although there’s a lot of competition between streaming publishers and social media platforms, it’s clear that social media is highly valuable to the streaming industry. That’s even more apparent for younger viewers.

“Social platforms are the top information source among younger consumers, age 18 to 34.”—Nick Cicero, Vice President of Strategy, Conviva

Building an effective strategy using segmentation

Insights from Conviva’s study and Social Insights tools demonstrate that it is essential for streaming publishers to develop comprehensive social marketing plans as part of their overarching strategies to help acquire, retain, and engage viewers.

The most effective marketers accomplish this by segmenting their audience based on the content they are most interested in and then creating communities to engage them with their favorite programming in new ways.

“These accounts are all about adopting the perspective of the target audience in the most authentic way possible. [They allow] you to go to these possibly underserved audience segments and keep them highly engaged year-round, as opposed to just when a new show is up.”—Michael Metzler, Senior Marketing Manager, Conviva

Savvy streaming marketers are leveraging the power of interest-based venues. Different genres all have their niche communities, which provide a unique opportunity to connect in new ways with a highly targeted audience.

“How can you tap into each one of those communities and make more effective use of your socials?” —Nick Cicero, Vice President of Strategy, Conviva

Looking for more social media and streaming insights? Watch Conviva’s webinar, Social Guide for Streaming