March Madness Getting Sweet on Social

By Mike Metzler

March 24, 2021

March Madness Getting Sweet on Social

The Sweet 16 is set and the remaining teams are gearing up for the rest of the Big Dance. But the players aren’t the only ones getting ready. The team’s social media managers are prepping content, scheduling posts, interviewing players, and getting ready for what could be their social account’s biggest week ever.

Following the release of our streaming and social March Madness Round 1 Recap report, we dug into Round 2 and uncovered even bigger results.

March Madness Social Engagement Lift Graph for 2021

We compared the team’s cross-platform engagements per post during Round 2 to their regular season averages (Nov 25 – March 14) and it was Oral Roberts that blew the competition away. Charting an insane 4962% increase from their regular season averages, no one else even came close to posting that level of gains. This increase was up significantly from their already impressive Round 1 performance, which showcased a 1498% increase. Loyola Chicago, which was in third place after Round 1, jumped up to second and charted a 1749% increase over their regular season averages. No easy feat, although when you have Sister Jean on your bench, you’ll always have a slight advantage over the competition.

Ranking the teams by cross-platform social engagement during Round 2 showcased Oral Roberts on top again with a 13.15% engagement rate. The UC Santa Barbara social team grabbed the second spot with a huge 13.1% engagement rate, followed by Ohio in third at 12.6%, and Loyola Chicago in fourth at 11.2%.

Conviva's Top Teams: March Madness Men's Basketball Round 2

There is nothing quite like March Madness. In Round 2, the teams’ engagements per post was 383% higher on average than regular season averages. The exposure gained during these moments can translate to new fans all the way up to new college applications. When it comes to social for teams who plan, adjust, and capitalize on moments properly, there is a lot more to gain than just likes and followers.

For additional March Madness social analysis alongside streaming performance, download our Round 1 report here.