At TV Connect, Simon Trudelle, Senior Director Product Marketing at NAGRA, sat down with IPTV News to discuss trends in Internet TV and how the ecosystem has changed in just the last year. Mr. Trudelle noted that NAGRA is a company that differentiates itself based on a superior experience with connectware, multiscreen, and content protection products and solutions. With a focus on connected entertainment, NAGRA is driving innovation in the pay-TV space. Trudelle noted that the biggest change he’s seen since last year is the increasing “cloudification” of pay-TV.

Of course, we know there are a multitude of challenges that come with Internet TV, as the internet was not designed for large scale video viewing. Technology providers, ISPs, and even CDNs were not specifically designed for the resource-intensive demands of video. With the amount of traffic required to deliver live video over the Internet for millions of people simultaneously, it is an extremely tricky challenge to deliver connected entertainment at optimal quality.

While many are under the impression that the experience can’t be controlled in the wild, open internet, Mr. Trudelle would beg to differ.

He notes, “We can’t ignore the impact TV is having on the internet… it is a realization that technology is modifying consumer TV habits, especially for the millennium generation who are exposed to direct-to-consumer offerings which are further segmenting the consumer video and TV market. But it also presents new opportunities for service providers to leverage available IP and broadcast technology to deliver a compelling, integrated user experience to their subscribers.”

Mr. Trudelle states “The internet used to be all about accessing content online but now it’s so much more than that – TV has played a huge role in transforming the internet to being about delivering content, and primarily video content, to multiple screens, including the big screen…the key driver in broadband usage growth and overall screen usage for consumers worldwide.”

Be it one screen or many, smartphone or laptop, pay-TV or OTT, consumers will always drive innovation. Providing the technology and infrastructure necessary gives you more control over that high quality user experience, ultimately leading to happier consumers and hopefully more viewers.