New Feature: Automated Content Tag Rules


February 21, 2018

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Conviva Acquired Delmondo in November of 2018 and has become Conviva Social Insights.

Today we’re very excited to launch our Automated Content Tag Rules in Beta to select Enterprise customers.

Users can now create automated rules across all the accounts in their agency, and create automated campaign or tag reports from these Content Tags, providing a fully automated solution for tagging and reporting in Delmondo.

What are Content Tag Rules?

Content Tag Rules enable users to automate tagging of their videos and social media posts based on a number of different conditions and criteria.

Users can set up rules ahead of time to tag posts based on various keywords, hashtags or other strings of characters in their social media posts and videos.

Tag rules search post copy, branded content tags, video titles and more on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube (also description for YouTube) and apply a tag if the post matches the rule. Tags automatically update daily.

Delmondo’s tagging system uses elements of boolean logic to search through all the content in your agency and apply a tag by using AND/OR.

Here are some examples of common boolean search strings:

  • lebron AND Sprite (Branded Content Tag)
  • march madness OR #marchmadness
  • VMAs or Video music awards or #vmas2017
  • TRL or #TRL or @TRL

You can also chain AND/OR/NOT Operators together to create more diverse queries:

  • (NBA OR NFL OR MLB) AND (fashion or style)
  • (march madness OR #marchmadness) AND (presented by OR sponsored by OR #sponsored)
  • Politics NOT Trump

For more information about adding Automated Content Tag Rules to your license, reply to this email or