Connected TV drives streaming video growth, sports test the limits

May 1, 2019

Streaming device usage
Connected TV share of streaming hours by deviceOf all the screens through which people watch connected TV is the one most preferred. The TV received 56% of streaming hours; mobile devices received 23% and the PC 14%.

According to the Conviva data, Roku still dominates connected TV devices. Roku delivered 42% of connected TV viewing hours and 24% of all streaming hours. Fire TV was the second most used connected TV device, delivering 19% of TV streaming hours. Apple TV and Xbox delivered 10%, PlayStation 7%, and Chromecast 5%.

Peak usage grows, driven by sports
A sure sign that more people are relying on online TV services for all their video needs is the strong growth in the number of people watching a live event at the same time (so-called, concurrent streamers.) Conviva says that in Q1 2019 the average daily peak was 76% higher than in the same period last year. The peak number of concurrent streams for the quarter did not come in the moribund Super Bowl, but in the College Football National Championship between Clemson and Alabama. The peak was 38% higher than the peak in 2018.